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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

SUN Astro Remedies

Astro Remedies

Deity: Lord Vishnu
Vocation: Kshatriya Rajput
Precious Stones: Ruby
Body Parts: Whole body
On the face: Right Portion
Animals: Monkey, Hilly Cow
Colour of Planet: Wheatish
Remedies Recital: Harivansha Purana
Remedies Donation: Wheat, Red Copper

In lagna

1. Maintain good moral character.

2. Construct a dark room on the left hand side of the house in the


In 2nd house

1. Install a hand pump in the ancestral house.

2. Do not take any thing free. Do not take in charity the things
pertaining to Moon like rice, silver or milk etc.

3. Maintain good moral character.

4. Giving coconuts, oil or almonds to temples.

In 3rd house
1. Maintain goods moral character.

2. Getting blessings of mother/grandmother.

In 4th house

1. Feed the blind.

2. Never use wineNo eating or hunting fish.

3. Copper coin tied in a Khaki thread should be used around the neck.

In 5th house

1. Do not tell a lie and have no ill will against any body.

2. Promises should be honored.

3. Follows the old traditions and customs.

4. Monkeys of red face should be fed with juggery (gur).

5. Service of three classical dogs. (Brother at sister?s house, Son-in-law

at father-in-law?s house and the son of the daughter at the house
of maternal uncles).

In 6th house

1. Feeding monkeys with wheat and jaggery.

2. White ants to be given seven cerealsThis may be kept in the field or park under trees on the ground.

3. Keeping silver or river water with him.

4. Washing the feet of mother and grand-mother.

5. Bury under ground copper piece (square in shape).

In 7th house

1. Use milk to extinguish the fire after cooling in the night and that chulha should not be used again before the following dawn.

2. Bury Copper pieces as above.

3. Feeding the black cow or the cow without horns.

4. Start the work after eating some sweets and drinking water.

5. After cooking, put some piece of bread etc. in the burning fire of chulha.

In 8th house

1. The house should not have the main entrance from the south.

2. Keep a white cow.

3. Maintain good moral character.

4. Do not live with in-laws.

5. Service of elder brother and cow.

In 9th house

1. Use brass vessels.

2. Do not accept alms of milk, rice or silver.

3. Never be very angry or too tolerantBe normal.

In 10th house

1. Wear white cap or turban.

2. Install a hand pump in the ancestral house.

3. Service of grey buffalo.

In 11th house

1. Do not drink wine or eat fish. Do not do fishing.

2. Never tell a lie.

3. Purchasing a goat from butcher and setting it free, that is, allowing it one life more.

In the 12th house

1. Never work like a mechanic.

2. There should be a court yard in the house.

General remedies

1. Fast on Sunday.

2. Reciting or listening to Harivansha Purana.

3. Wheat, Jaggery and copper etc. to be given in charity.

4. Maintaining good moral character.

5. Wearing Ruby or in place of Ruby copper can be used.

6. Throwing copper coin in the flowing water.

7. Keep main entrance from east.

8. Keeping away from black marketing and black marketers.

9. Do not give in alms the article pertaining to Sun if Sun is exalted.

10. Service of Government officials.

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