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Tuesday, 2 August 2011



Deity: Lord Shiva

Concerning Water


Precious Stones: Pearl

Body Parts: Heart

On the face: Left Portion

Animals: Horse, Mare

Colour of Planet: Milky White

Remedies Recital: Dwadash Jyotirlinga Strot

Remedies Donation: Rice, Milk, Silver

In lagna

1. Drop a copper coin in the river when crossing it with the children.

2. Obtain blessings of mother and keep rice and silver given by her on person.

3. Copper nails in the feet of bed.

4. Either keep a cow or a maid servant in the 24th year of age.

5. Do not get married before the age of 28 years.

6. Do not construct a house before the age of 24 years.

7. Drink water or milk in silver vessel.

In the 2nd house
1. Silver brick should be buried in the foundation of the house.

2. Obtain blessings of mother and keep rice and silver given by her on person.

In the 3rd house

1. Rice, silver and milk should be given in aims on the birthday of the daughter and wheat, copper and jaggery on the birth day of the son.

2. Durga Pujan.

3. Kanya Daan.

In the 4th house

1. No trade or business in dairy products like milk, butter, cheese etc.

2. Business in cloth in partnership with mother or under her advice is useful.

In the 5th house

1. Sometimes do religious acts.

2. Sometimes go to hilly places.

In the 6th house

1. Do not give out your secrets to any body.

2. Keep rabbits as pets.

3. No arrangements where general public may take free water.

In the 7th house

1. Maintain good moral character.

2. Do not get married in the 24th or 25th year.

In the 8th house

1. Giving alms in the name of dead elders.

2. Installing a hand pump in the hospital or in the crematoriums.

3. Giving articles of Jupiter, Sun or Mars in temples and religious places.

In the 9th house

1. Visiting the places of worship.

2. Maintain good conduct.

In the 10th house

1. If a doctor, do not give free medicines.

2. Maintain good moral character.

3. Do not take milk in the night.

In the 11th house
1. Native?s mother should not see her grandson till 43 days of his birth.

2. Milk for the temple of Bhairon.

3. Children under the age of nine years should be fed with 121 (11 x 11) Pedas.

In the 12th house

1. In 16 litres of rain water drop 4 silver ingots and keep them under the roof of the house.

General remedies

1. Keep fast on Monday.

2. Worship Lord Shiva or go on pilgrimage to Amarnath.

3. Milk, rice or silver to be given in alms.

4. Wear a white milky pearl or alternatively silver can be substituted.

5. Blessings of mother (grand mother, mother-in-law, mother?s mother, mother?s sister).

6. Silver nails in the feet of the bed.

7. Silver or rice to be dropped in the Crematorium.

8. Taking bath in the Ganges or running water.

9. Water tanks over head should be cleaned in 3 to 6 months.

10. No water pump or well under the roof.

11. Giving things pertaining to Moon in charity if Moon is in debility but not when she is in exaltation.

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