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Wednesday, 3 August 2011


By Indian Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

I have seen very fast results with the naivedhya. Very few people understand this. I have heard that in srirengam temple the great ramanuja fixed the naivedhya for all deities. I prayed and immediately channeled this information. I am grateful for higher beings who use me as their instrument.

For example if one gives kesari for mahalakshmi then the lakshmi sadhana will take off fast.
Some one had debts of 30 crore with no way out. Immediately within 4 months of doing the kesari sadhana he made so much money and all his problem got solved. Today he is a multi millionaire. I have seen miracles happening with this naivedhya.

For shirdi sai baba it is boli that too dal boli. my brother could not walk because of a surgery. We could not connect with the doctor who performed the surgery. I gave dhal boli. The next thursday the same doctor called my brother without us contacting the doctor and his problems got solved.

For lord bhariava it is alcohol. One lady had become pregnant before the marriage and the boy was refused to marry her. The girl’s mother lighted lamps with alcohol mixed with oil. The problems got solved and the marriage happened easily.

For muruga it is pancha amrita.

For vishnu - white pongal. of course I can give so many examples that I hardly will have space.

Of course there is logic.

There are six tastes associated with the shat karma. Also the naivedhya can aggravate the chakras or the character of the deity. If one gives hot substance as the naivedhya for muruga then one will aggravate the pitta, liver, anger element and solar plexus chakra. So to calm the heat element which is predominant with the diety one eats the sweet which is pancha amrita.

The mind will move fast if one worships Vishnu. Therefore to calm the speed of the mind one eats white pongal.

Of course if one gives the bitter gourd rice in the bhariava temple one’ will invoke the marana karma.

One’s own worship will not be complete if one does not offer the naivedhya. Also one can calm the mind fast. The food for the deity is always satvic. if you feed the naivedhya to people every day then the sadhana will become boom boom.

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