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Wednesday, 3 August 2011



By Indian Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

One person came to me he said “my wife is pregnant. She is having ovarian cyst. Secondly the cyst is growing and we want to terminate the child. Is there any way out?”
I told them to give food for pregnant ladies.
They went on to give mother horlick’s to pregnant women. The cyst never grew and the baby was delivered in a normal manner. It was a miracle in itself.

Remember there are 3 ways of giving.

Give money to problems you have, it will dissolve fast.

If your marriage is problematic, then give money for marriages

. If you have child birth problems then give money for others delivery.

If you have house problems, then give money for others house problems

. Then the problems will dissolve fast.
Secondly is to give money to the people in front of you. Give money to your servants, driver’s, bill boys or people who work under you. Be generous. Never think what you get.

Take care of people who are in front of you. God will take care of you well. I know a man who became very rich by taking care of his brothers and sister. I know another man who took care of employees so well that he became very rich. Computer Companies are so rich because they pay very well. They also tend to make people buy houses, cars etc. 

Help people in events like marriage, child birth or house construction

Giving food is also good. But if you help people in transitions and crucial moments of their life your punya will get multiplied. 

People give food to orphanages and old age home which is a slow cycle. It takes years to come back into karmic balance.

The first way of helping people in transistion is very fast. Immediate results will be seen

. Secondly if u give food only on Friday then that day will become very good. It will take 12- 16 weeks of giving food to see results. Whereas if you help in someone’s marriage or child birth then the result is very fast.

The greatest business principle is to give.

The greatest strategy is give for small people. If you tip extra to the bell boy and the waiter or taxi people your abundance will multiply fast. 

I know a famous business house that has hospitals and school. Also in business they are roaring success. The owner hardly sits and takes care of the business. He is in to social service. See sai baba, he has hospital and college. See mata amrita ananda mayi she has huge college and hospital. Most successful business houses have these combinations. 

We help other people events like marriage child birth once a while. Middle class people find it difficult to do these events even once in a while for their children. I met a crorepathi who gives money for 2-3 marriages and 5- 6 delivery. See the level of merit they generate.

Let me some up the principles
Give money for the events like child birth, marriage etc.
Give people who are front of you
Be generous with small people
Start schools or hospitals which will help you generate lot of punya.
Help people who help you. Give money extra to people who bring happiness. This is way of the growth.

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