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Wednesday, 3 August 2011


By Indian Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

One can do hours of japa and find very little results or one can use the astrology knowledge to meditate on certain times which produces fast results.
Time has character. Time is not equal. Time is like a personality and it has a tremendous impact on one’s own sadhana. Different times have different flavours and one can use it to their advantage. After the guru and sthala, time becomes a crucial link in growing fast in meditation techniques. Many so called spiritual gurus have never understood or studied astrology or do not know astrology principle and condemn astrology. Swim with the tithies, my teacher deshika kirtie used to say.

One can use
janma nakshtra day-the star one is born. One can have 12 times in a year which will be one janma nakshtra every month. This is a powerful day one can look in calendar and use it.
janma tithie day-one is born in certain tithie. This also repeats twice in a month which can be seen from the calendar.

Other days are
rashi soonya- when the two rashi splits
tithie soonya- when one tithe ends and other tithes begins
Nakshatra sandhi- when one nakshatra ends and another nakshtra begins
One can also use the sankaranti which occurs 4 times in a year
The ayana can also be used like beginning of uttra ayana and dakshinaya days when special poojas are done.

One can also use the lagna and fix the muhurtha every day. This can produce very good results.
One can also use the hora to do general prayers. Like for mahalakshmi, sukra hora can be used.
One can also use the transit of planets from one rashi to another.
Of course many people use grahana time to do prayers, which amplifies the energy.

Each deity has a special day
naryana ekdashi
vinyaka chaturthi
murga shasthi
sarswathi dasami
bhairava astami
One can also use the end of amvasya and beginning of purnima for very good results.
Any way a skilful meditator use time for their advantage.
sandhya kala like 12 noon. 6 in the evening 6 in morning and 12 in mid night can also be used.
Of course brahma muhurtha between 4.30 – 6am has higher prana levels.

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