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Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Lord Hanuman

Vocation: Warrior

Metals: Copper

Precious Stones:Red

Body Parts:

On the face: Upper Lips, Lower Lip

Animals: Tiger

Colour of Planet: Red

Remedies Recital: Gayatri Path

Remedies Donation: Masoor Dal (Red)

In lagna

1. Do not accept any thing free of cost or in charityNever tell a lie.

2. Ivory things will be harmful to the native.

In 2nd  house

1. Keep a red color handker-chief with you.

2. Keep deer skin in the house.

3. Distribute jaggery and wheat to children at noon.

In 3rd house

1. Keep ivory things with you.

2. Wear silver ring in the left hand.

In 4th house

1. Serve the monkeys, mother and saints.

2. Keep away from black or one eyed man or from him who has his affected limbs.

3. No trade or business in sugar or honey.

In the 5th house

1. Plant a neem tree in the house.

2. Good moral character.

3. Keep water at night below the head and drop it in the flower pot in the morning.

In the 6th house

1. Distribute salt on the birth of a male child.

2. Remedies of Saturn.

In the 7th house

1. Good moral character.

2. Give sweets to sister, daughter, father?s sister, mother?s sister and wife?s sister.

3. Help the children of brother.

4. Never plant creeping plants.

In the 8th house

1. Blessings of widows.

2. Sweet loaves of bread for dogs. (use Tandoor).

3. Remedies of Mars in 4th and 6th house simultaneously.

In the 9th house

1. Service of Bhabhi (brother?s wife).

2. Obeying the elder brother.

3. Red color cloth in the pocket.

In the 10th house

1. Keep a pet deer.

2. The boiling milk should not overflow and fall on the fire.

In the 11th house

1. Keep Sindoor or honey in an earthen pot.

In the 12th house

1. Take honey the first thing in the morning.

General remedies

1. Fast on Tuesday.

2. Sindoor to Lord Hanuman.

3. Throw in the running water pulse of masoor, or honey or sindoor.

4. Service of brother.

5. Sleeping on deer skin.

6. Pure silver to be used.

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