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Tuesday, 2 August 2011



Deity: Goddess Durga

Vocation: Trader Broker

Metals: Gold or Five metal

Precious Stones:Emerald

Body Parts: Tongue,Teeth.Nerves

On the face: Tip of Nose

Animals: Goat,Sheep,Bat

Colour of Planet:

Remedies Recital:
Durga Path

Remedies Donation:Moon

In lagna

1. Do not take eggsDo not be non veg.

2. No fishing.

In the 2nd house

1. Clean the teeth with alum.

2. Never domesticate parrot, goat or sheep.

3. Milk and rice for temples.

In the 3rd house

1. Durga Poojan or blessings of girls not attaining puberty.

2. Keep Moong in water in the night and feed pigeons in the morning.

3. Free distribution of asthma medicines.

In the 4th house

1. Do not domesticate parrot, goat or sheet.

2. Remedies of Sun.

3. Remedies of Jupter.

4. No green colour at home, not even the plants.

In the 5th house

1. Use a belt.

2. Wear silver ring in left hand.

In the 6th house

1. Sister or daughter should not go in marriage in north side of the house.

2. Earthen pot filled with milk should be buried in uninhabited place.

3. As at No.2 under 6th house above.

4. Ganges water in a glass bottle having glass cover to be buried in the agricultural land.

In the 7th house

1. Daughter should be treated like the mother.

2. Wear a diamond or emerald ring.

In the 8th house

1. A silver ring in the nose of daughter.

2. Wear a black color under wear (half pent)

3. Rain water to be kept on the roof.

4. No change in the place of worship at home.

In the 9th house

1. Wearing silver

2. Wear new clothes after washing them in river water or sprinkling the water.

3. No green color.

In the 10th house

1. No money plant or Tulsi plant in home.

2. No drinking wine or non vegetarianism and no fishing.

3. Remedies of Saturn.

In the 11th house

1. Empty vessel should not be covered.

2. No planting of broad leafed trees.

In the 12th house

1. New unused earthen pitcher with cover to be dropped in running water.

2. Domesticating the dog but not of brown color.

3. Durga Pujan or blessings of girls not attaining puberty.

4. Keeping the promise.

5. No ill work for any body.

6. Anger should be controlled.

General Remedies

1. Fasting on Wednesdays.

2. Green things in alms or dropped in the running water.

3. Copper coin with a hole to be dropped in the running water.

4. Service of or domesticating goat and parrot.

5. Belt to be used.

6. Bangles and clothes of green color to be given to eunuchs.

7. If Mercury is in debility the things of Mercury should be given in alms, but never should this be done when Mercury is in exaltation.

8. Blessing of daughter, sister, father?s sister, mother?s sister and wife?s sister. They should also be helped to the extent possible.

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