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Tuesday, 2 August 2011



Deity: Lord Brahma
Vocation: Concerning Gold
Precious Stones:Topaz
Body Parts: Neck
On the face: Nose
Animals: Lion Lioness
Colour of Planet:Yellow Pale
Remedies Recital: Hari Pujan
Remedies Donation: Pulse Gold [Gram]

General Remedies
Donation of sugar, bananas, yellow clothes, kesar, salt, turmeric, yellow flowand food is considered good. The affected person should donate gemstone of Jupiter through which the negative influence of this planet can be reduced. According to vedic astrology recommendations Thursday mornings are best for donating the above stated things. The donations should lbe given to Brahmins, or any religious persons.The affected person should keep fast on Thursdays. He should feed banana and yellow sweets to poor people and birds, especially crows. He can serve curd rice to Brahmins and poor people. He should water a banyan tree on all days except Sundays and Thursdays. Jupiter resides in teachers and religious persons, so to reduce the bad impact of this planet one should serve his teacher with respect. He should not eat banana and avoid keeping banana in his bedroom because it may increase Jupiter?s negative influence on the person.

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