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Tuesday, 2 August 2011


General Remedies
1. Fast on Friday.2. Desi ghee, curd, camphor etc. to be given to places of worship.3. Wear diamond or the pearl.4. Perfuming the clothes and using cream & face powder etc.
5. Clothes should be clean and ironed.6. Worn out clothes or burnt clothes should never be worn.

Deity: Goddess Laxmi
Vocation: Gold Smith Trader Artist
Metals:Clay Pearl of Curd
Precious Stones:Diamond
Body Parts: Secret Organs
On the face: Cheeks
Animals: Cow,Ox
Colour of Planet: Like Curd
Remedies Recital: Mahalakshamyakam Ashtakam
Remedies Donation: Curd, Diamond

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