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Tuesday, 2 August 2011


General Remedies
1. Fasting on Wednesdays.2. Green things in alms or dropped in the running water.3. Copper coin with a hole to be dropped in the running water.4. Service of or domesticating goat and parrot.5. Belt to be used.6. Bangles and clothes of green color to be given to eunuchs.7. If Mercury is in debility the things of Mercury should be given in alms, but never should this be done when Mercury is in exaltation.8. Blessing of daughter, sister, father?s sister, mother?s sister and wife?s sister. They should also be helped to the extent possible.
Colour of Pla


Deity: Goddess Durga
Vocation: Trader Broker

Metals: Gold or Five metal
Precious Stones:Emerald
Body Parts: Tongue,Teeth.Nerves
On the face: Tip of Nose
Animals: Goat,Sheep,Bat
net: Greeen
Remedies Recital: Durga Path
Remedies Donation:Moon

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