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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Talisman for Your Luck and Wealth

OK, now you know what a talisman is, right? It brings you luck, wealth and happiness. Now, there are three types of talisman.
1. One which is sold all over to people. Everyone has got the same one as you do. Boring!
2. One made especially for you. This is way better than the first one. But how effective it is, depends on who makes it.
3. One you make yourself. It is very powerful. And this is the talisman I will teach you to make. It is pretty simple, really.
Alright, let’s start. First, you need to know your horoscope. Sun sign, whatever you may call it. Make sure you have the right one and note it down. OK. Now each sign is ruled by a certain planet:
Aries: Mars
Taurus: Venus
Gemini: Mercury
Cancer: The Moon
Leo: The Sun (I know it isn’t a real planet. But it is for now!)
Virgo: Mercury
Libra: Venus
Scorpio: Mars
Sagittarius: Jupiter
Capricorn: Saturn
Aquarius: Saturn / Uranus
Pisces: Jupiter/ Neptune
You will notice that some signs are ruled by more than one planet. That is because, when old astrologers studies the skies, there were only 7 planets visible with the eye, so when it was found… do we need to get into this?

Alright moving on, each planet has something called a Sigil (let’s call it Sigel for now). A special sign assigned to each planet. I can’t give you the Sigel but you can find how your Sigel look on the Web. Copy it on a piece of paper and leave it aside.
Next, find your magic square. A magic square is a couple of numbers arranged in a square and usually adds up to the same number horizontally and vertically. Some even add up diagonally!
Once again you need to find these squares on your own. This talisman will work only if you need to, remember that. You can find it online. Your magic square is the one which represents your planet.
Both the Sigils and Magic Square help the planet to focus on you. They carry energies. Next the step is for Herbal stuff. Yes, there are herbs set out for each sign. So get a bit of this as well.
Sun: almond, saffron, mustard, rosemary, juniper, walnut
Moon: cucumber, lettuce, cress, pumpkin
Mercury: caraway, carrot, dill, lavender, parsley, oat
Venus: cherries, elder, mint, raspberry, wheat, strawberry, chestnut
Mars: cress, cat mint, garlic, hops, horseradish, leeks, onion, tobacco
Jupiter: aniseed, apricot, fig, beetroot, sage, hyssop
Saturn: barley, thistle, rye
Got all you need? Good. Now, take a paper square about 2 inches square. Now write your Sigel and Magic square on either side. Now take a bit of your herb and put in the centre of the square or the diagonal and fold the paper to hold your herb in place. Or else just use your paper, without herbs. That is it! It is ready! Good luck!

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