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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Herbs Traditionally Scattered for Various Magical Purposes

Herbs Traditionally Scattered for Various Magical Purposes
Magical Intent Herbs
Exorcism Avens, Bay, Black Pepper with Salt, Chili Pepper, Cumin, Garlic, Horehound, Horseradish, Hydrangea Bark, Lilac, Nettle, Pine Needles, Sandalwood, Tamarisk, Yarrow
Love Basil, Orris, Rose Petals, Vetivert, Witch Grass
Lust Deerstongue, Galangal, Periwinkle
Peaceful Home Dragon's Blood, Dulse, Eryngo, Gardenia Blossoms, Lavender, Loosestrife, Meadowsweet, Olive Leaves, Passion Flower, Purslane, Rose Petals
Prosperity Alfalfa Ashes, Cinnamon, Ginger, Orange Peel, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Sarsaparilla
Protection Ague Root, Angelica, Ash Leaves, Barley, Basil, Betony, Buckwheat Flour, Burdock, Chamomile, Chili Pepper, Dragon's Blood, Grain, Ivy, Mustard Seed, Tumeric
Purification Bay, Betony, Basil, Chili Pepper, Cumin, Dragon's Blood, Horseradish, Loosestrife, Mint, Nettle, Sandalwood, Wintergreen

Some Recipes for Powders

For all of these recipes simply combine equal parts of each of the herbs called for and grind in your magical coffee grinder.

Algiers Powder

This powder from Hoodoo is used to attract love by dusting the body with it before going out or for luck in gambling by dusting the hands before gambling. Vanilla Oil, Patchouli, Cinnamon.

Astral Travel Powder

A Wiccan powder intended to assist your attempts at astral projection. Sprinkle on the bedsheets before sleeping. Sandalwood, Mugwort, Cinnamon.

Aunt Sally Dream Powder

Another recipe from Hoodoo, this one is used for prophetic dreams by sprinkling on your sheets before going to bed. Licorice, Cinnamon, Cardamon, Corriander.

Bend Over Powder

Hoodoo has some interesting names for their preparations. This one is intended to send evil back to the sender, break hexes and make others do your bidding. Rose, Frankincense, Vetivert, Honeysuckle.

Blessed Powder

This is also from Hoodoo. The silver magnetic powder can be purchased at occult stores and botanicas or check with Papa Bones at Lavender, Silver Magnetic Powder, Ylang Ylang, Musk.

Delight Powder

This Hoodoo powder is used to overcome inhibitions and increase pleasure when sprinkled on your lover. Sandalwood, Rose, Melon Oil.

Draw Back Powder

A single ingredient powder from Hoodoo that is to be sprinkled around your home to prevent anyone from hexing you and reverse all evil spells. Dragon's Blood. Remember, this will stain.

Drawing Powder

A Hoodoo powder to attract good luck and assistance of all good spirits when performing magical work. Sprinkle on altar. Jasmine, Violet, Lavender.

Easy Wrath Powder

This Hoodoo powder is intended to eliminate hatred and anger in anyone you have pissed off. You sprinkle it on them, I suppose surreptitiously, since if they see you it may piss them off more! Ashes, Red Pepper, Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood.

Envy and Jealousy Powder

Intended to eliminate feelings of jealousy in people you want to get along with, this Hoodoo powder is to be sprinkled on their door. Bayberry, Vetivert, Sassafras, Arrowroot.

Exorcism Powder

This Wiccan powder is used to exorcise negativity from any area and protect it's inhabitants. Basil, Frankincense, Rosemary, Yarrow, Rue.

French Love Powder

Not what it seems, this Hoodoo powder is for increasing psychic powers and producing prophetic dreams. Sprinkle on your sheets, on your tarot cards or rune stones, or dust some on yourself. Musk, Orris, Ambergris Oil, Vetivert.

Get Away Powder

Another Hoodoo powder, this one is to sprinkle in the path of anyone you want to stop bothering you. You can also sprinkle it on your window sills and front porch to get rid of the Salesmen, Mormons and Jehovahs Witnesses. Sulfur, Chili Powder, pinch of Asafotida.

Goddess of Love Powder

A Hoodoo powder to rub on your hands prior to meeting with a person you are "interested" in to encourage them to reciprocate your interest. Rose oil, Mint oil and Musk oil in a base of rose pink talc. Purchase colored talc at an occult supply or color your own with food coloring.

Happy Times Powder

This Hoodoo powder is used to change luck, reverse unfortunate circumstances and eliminate poverty. Sprinkle around your home. Orange Peel, Vanilla oil, Strawberry oil.

Happiness Powder

A Wiccan powder designed to bring joy and lift your spirits. Create a circle by sprinkling the powder and sit within it while visualising the powers of the herbs filling you with positive feelings. Lavender, Catnip, Marjoram.

Health and Healing Powder

Wiccan powder intended to cure illness, and maintain health. Can be used with blue candles in a healing ritual or sprinkled in the ill persons bedroom. Eucalyptus, Myrrh, Thyme, Allspice.

Inspiring Powder

Hoodoo morale booster for those who need confidence and inspiration. Sprinkle on the person to increase their creativity, optomism and confidence. Pine, Lily, Hyacinth, Clove.

Isis Powder

A Hoodoo powder to increase determination, will power and concentration. Orris Root, Sweet Flag oil.

Jalop Powder

The best of the Hoodoo blessing and protection powders. Galangal, Rosemary, Jalop (High John the Conqueror), Orris.

Jinx Removing Powder

Sprinkle this Hoodoo powder all around the inside of your home to remove hexes, curses and evil spells and protect all who live there. Mint, Wintergreen. Best when combined with sprinkling Chamomile outside the house and on the front and back door sills.

Jury Winning Powder

For this Hoodoo powder to work you have to sprinkle some on the Judges seat and in the jury box, hard to do, or around a purple candle in a protection ritual, easy to do. You pick. Hydrangea, High John the Conqueror, Low John (Galangal), Asafotida (smells bad).

Jyoti Powder

A Hoodoo powder used for financial gain, purification, and overcoming hexes. Sprinkle powder around your home. Galangal, Nasturtium Seeds, Patchouli.

Kindly Spirit Powder

Use this Hoodoo powder when you want others to like and sympathize with you. Can be included in rituals to end loneliness and make friends. Lily, Hyacinth, Lemon.

Kyoto Powder

Sprinkle this Hoodoo powder on the head of anyone seeking healing of an illness, overcoming bad luck or just looking to have a more positive outlook. Orris, Vanilla, Clove, Lavender.

Lost and Away Powder

This Hoodoo powder is used to get rid of someone. Sprinkle in their path, where they will walk, or on your front porch. Dirt from a crossroad, Mistletoe, Sulfur, Orris, Sage.

Love Powder

Sprinkle this Wiccan powder on yourself, your bedsheets, and in the bedroom when that special person is coming over or when you want to meet a special person. Yarrow, Ginger, Rose Petals, Basil, Lavender.

Love Powder

Sprinkle this Hoodoo powder on the newlyweds before they leave for their honeymoon to increase understanding and bring peace and love. Gardenia, Lilac, Muguet (Lily of the Valley), Lily.

Luck Around Business Powder

Use this Hoodoo powder to bring in new customers and increase business. The Gold Sand can be purchased at an Occult Supply or Botanica, or check with Papa Bones at http://www.papabones. I have never tried to pulverize money, but if you try putting it in your coffee grinder I'd cut it up into little pieces first. Pulverized $1 bill, Gold Sand, Frankincense, Heliotrope oil.

Luck Powder

Sprinkle this Wiccan powder around your home or on yourself to bring about a positive change and remove any negative energies. Vetivert, Calamus, Nutmeg, Allspice.

Lucky Mystic Powder

A Hoodoo powder to bring prophetic dreams, increase psychic ability and give clairvoyance. The Silver Magnetic Sand can be purchased at an Occult Supply or Botanica, or check with Papa Bones at http://www.papabones. Silver magnetic sand, Basil oil, Vetivert oil.

Lucky Powder

Despite it's name, this Hoodoo powder is intended to stop infidelity from starting or continuing in a marriage. Supposedly if the person is truly in love with the "other" woman or man it won't work, but if it's just for the sex it will. Lime, Orange, Peach Blossom oil, Melon oil, in a base of yellow talc.

Money Drawing Powder

This Hoodoo powder protects against financial loss, and attracts money and material things. Sprinkle around the home, in the wallet or around your business. Frankincense, Heliotrope, Tonka, Gold magnetic sand.

Money Powder

A Wiccan powder to use like the Hoodoo one above. Cedar, Patchouli, Galangal, Ginger.

Mount Powder

Odd name for this Hoodoo powder intended to give you added physical strength, vitality and enthusiasm. Rub it on your arms and legs or sprinkle it on your altar during ritual. Basil, Rum, Bay, Thyme, Aloe.

Musk Love Powder

This Hoodoo powder gives the shy confidence, persistence, and will power. A strong attractant for use by women and gay men. Musk oil, Violet or Orris oil, Vetivert.

Obitsu Powder

A powerful Hoodoo uncrossing powder which removes hexes and protects. Jasmine, Violet, Citronella.

Peaceful Home Powder

Sprinkle this Hoodoo powder around your home if you have been fighting with your partner, or the house is upset and chaotic to calm things down again. Lemon, Rose, Lilac.

Prosperity Powder

Rub this Hoodoo powder on your hands, sprinkle around your home or business, or circle a green candle in a prosperity ritual. Allspice, Patchouli, Myrrh, Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Orris, Orange Peel.

Prosperity Powder

A Wiccan powder to attract money and material blessings. Sprinkle around the home or business. Sassafras, Cinnamon, Pine, Basil.

Protection Powder

Wiccan powder to protect against all sorts of clamaties and negative influences. Sprinkle around the outside of your house to act as a barrier. Dragon's Blood, Sandalwood, Salt.

Protection Powder

This Hoodoo powder is used to protect against hexes, negativity, bad moods, you name it. Sprinkle it around your home and in your bedroom. Vetivert, Vervain, Galangal, Peppermint, Rue, Cinnamon.

Protection Powder

Another Wiccan protection powder to use inside your home. May be used for individual protection by creating a circle of it and standing within. Visualise the wall of protection being created around yourself and feel yourself being bathed in the warm protective embrace of the herbs power. This ritual can be done daily if desired. Mugwort, Dill, Juniper, Frankincense, Cumin.

Psychic Ability Powder

Increase your psychic powers with this Hoodoo powder which can be used when doing readings, at seances, when meditating or sprinkled on the sheets to have prophetic dreams. Mastic, Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Clove, Myrrh.

Psychic Power Powder

A Wiccan powder to sprinkle as above to increase your psychic and clairvoyant abilities. Yarrow, Eyebright, Lemongrass, Mugwort, Rose Petals.

Quitting Powder

This Hoodoo powder is intended to make married members of the opposite sex leave you alone and prevent people from attacking you. Tobacco ashes, Nutmeg, Cinnmon, Powdered Newsprint.

Red Rose Powder

A Hoodoo powder to overcome hatred between former friends and associates. Sprinkle on the person or where they will be, or use in a ritual. Rose, Mint.

Separation Powder

This Hoodoo powder is used to break up with someone either a relationship or a business associate. It creates animosity. Chili powder, Cinnamon, Galangal, Black Pepper, Iron Filings, Vetivert

Spiritual Vibrations Powder

Wiccan powder to sprinkle before conducting ritual or meditating to raise the spiritual vibrations of the area and the people present. Frankincense, Sandalwood, Myrrh.

Stay at Home Powder

Another powder to end infidelity on the part of your partner and make them stay at home instead. You dust it on yourself before going to bed with them. I don't know how to pulverize a bedsheet, sorry. Clove, Allspice, Deerstongue, Mullein, Sage, Pulverized Bedsheet.

Thief Powder

This is a Hoodoo powder to discover who has stolen something from you. You sprinkle it around the scene of the crime and the thief will be revealed to you. Galangal, Vetivert, Poke Root, Hydrangea.

Untruthful Powder

Rub this Hoodoo powder on your hands and then touch someone you feel is lying to you. They will be forced to apologise and stop lying, if they are that is. Mint, Rose, Nutmeg.

Venus Powder

Sprinkled on your clothes this Hoodoo powder makes you more attractive to the opposite sex and attracts a lover. Rose oil, Lavender oil, Violet oil, Musk oil, Amber oil, in a base of pink talc.

Versitile Powder

A useful Hoodoo powder to make you more adaptable, creative, quick thinking and increase your potential for success. Rum, Peach Blossom, Lilac, Cinnamon.

Wishbone Powder

This Hoodoo powder helps your dreams and wishes to come true. Sprinkle on yourself before going to bed or meditating, or use in rituals designed to achieve your dreams. Sandalwood, Orris, Allspice, Deerstongue, Musk.

Ya Ya Powder

Increases fertility, helps a woman become pregnant or prevent a miscarrige, and increases male sexual potency. Sprinkle on yourself prior to the event, or regularly depending upon why you are using it. Khus Khus (Vetivert), Cinnamon, Sage, Rose.

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