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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Simple tips to nullify bad effect of Shani in your life

According to Hindu beliefs Shani, son of Surya (Sun God) and Chaya (Shadow goddess), judge the deeds of the individuals and appropriate punishments and rewards.
Shani has been described as the greatest trouble giver and greatest well wisher in the Hindu scriptures.
If Shani is placed in unfavourable situation in a person's horoscope then that person faces lot of problems in professional and personal life. Shani's effect affects that person’s honour, family life and relations.

If you are suffering from the unfavourable effect of Shani then follow these simple tips:

1. Donate oil in copper bowl after seeing your reflection in it.
2. On Saturday, put iron nail in mustard oil and offer the oil to peepal tree
3. Hoist white flag on peepal tree.
4. Always keep a square piece of silver with you
5. Give the food prepared during sunset on Saturday to black cow or black dog served on a leaf plate after sprinkling 'til' over it and worshipping peepal tree.
6. Immerse coconut and almonds in river
7. Wear a bangle made up of old iron.
8. Give 'paratha' prepared in oil with some sweet to a calf.

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