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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Suffering from heart disease

Source: Jeevan Mantra Desk  

Along with proper medication one can also implement the following tantrik tips to eliminate heart diseases
1) Chant 'Shriaditya Hridaystotra' every morning. Establish a 'surya yantra' and chant the following mantra thrice a day-
"Aum Ghrini Suryaya namah".
2) Wear a 'Panchamukhi rudraksha' on your neck. Position the rudraksha near your heart.
3) Dip a panchamukhi rudraksha into a copper pot filled with water. Wake up early in the morning and drink the water stored inside the pot for best results.
4) Thow a square shaped piece of copper into fast flowing water everyday. Continue to do so for atleast 43 days in a row.
5) Feed a diet of wheat and molasses to the cows on Sundays. It will help tackle heart disease.

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