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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Key to good luck

According to astrology, immersing things in rivers can bring good luck. These rituals are also very beneficial to the nature and the person who performs them.

It is believed that a person gets fame, money, prosperity and peace of mind by performing these rituals
In Hindu scriptures, even rivers are worshipped. Rivers provides water to drink and irrigate the fields. Rivers play a major role in keeping the forests green.

Immersing different items gives different results. Immersing food items in river water provides food to the aquatic animals. People even immerse medicinal plants into the water which purifies and cleans the water.
According to astrology, we should immerse items according to our sun signs.

Aries: Take masur dal in an earthen pot and offer it to river on Tuesday.

Taurus: Offer rice and sugar to river on Friday.

Gemini: Offer mung dal to river on Wednesday.

Cancer: Offer milk and kheer to river on Monday.

Leo: Offer roti and bread to river on Sunday.

Virgo: Offer green mung to your ruling planet and river on Wednesday.

Libra: Offer sweets made of milk and mava on Friday to river.

Scorpio: Offer red masur and wheat to river.

Sagittarius: Offer gram and turmeric to river on Thursday.

Aquarius and Capricorn: Clean your house very Saturday and throw flowers, garlands, paper and leaves into river.

Pisces: Offer gram and turmeric to river on Thursday.

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