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Friday, 1 July 2011


Creativity & Children

The CREATIVITY & CHILDREN area is located in the West corner of your home and/or business. In the individual rooms, it is located in the middle right section of the Bagua. It is about creativity and it's birthing. Birthing of children, a new idea, a project, or anything that is creative. Enhance this corner when you want to conceive, more to be more creative or improve relationships with children.

Enhancing Colors:
Metals, White, & Pastels

  • Element: "Metal"
  • Based King Wen (Later Heaven)
  • Nature: "Lake"
  • Personality: "Joyous"
  • Season: "Autumn"
  • Family: "Youngest Daughter"
  • Meaning: "Joy, satisfaction, staganation"
  • Number: "7"

Enhancing Tips:

  • An excellent area to do hobbies, crafts, artwork, or just to get creative.

  • Televisions, stereos, DVD, computers, etc. are best placed in this corner.

  • Photos of family and children are good placed in this area.

  • Sentimental childhood things; toys, stuffed animals, a train. The will remind you to allow your inner child to come out and play.

  • Fresh blooming flowers, cut or a plant. Best if you have pastel or white flowers.

  • A piece of artwork by an artist you admire.

  • Gather photos, brochures, etc. that represent your goals. Put them on poster board and hang the in this corner.

  • Do the same thing with symbols of your dreams.

  • Statues, figurines, or pictures of things that symbolize your dreams and/or goals.

  • If you are planning on having a child, place baby things in this area. Example, birth announcements, baby name book, baby clothes, etc.

  • If your baby making days are over, place objects that have been made for you or made by you.

  • This is an excellent area for a child's bedroom.

  • Since us pet owners feel our pets are our children, this is a good area to put your pet's bed, toys, or food and water.


  • Find out your child/children's Kua Number; make sure when sleeping his/her head points in Health (Tien Yi) direction.

  • To create better harmony amongst siblings sleeping with their heads facing the Relationships (Nien Yen) direction works wonders.

  • Do not let your child sleep or study in a room located above a garage or below a toilet. This will cause the mind to wander and distract studies.

  • Place quartz crystals on or hanging above a decorative desk in the Northeast corner for better studying and comprehending.

  • Also place a globe on the table in the NE and hang a lead crystal ball to catch the light, which brings excellent study and exam success luck.

  • And children not sleep with their head positioned on the same wall as a toilet. This harmful position will cause your child to be distracted from studies and ultimately have bad luck.

  • If there is a bathroom in the northeast corner of the child's bedroom put stones around the base of the toilet and keep the seat and lid DOWN.

  • If you have been trying for children or your offspring are getting out of hand, check if there is any offending man-made structure directly facing your front door. If there is get a concave Bagua and hang it outside above your front door. It will absorb negative energy before it enters the home. You might also want to hang a flat Bagua near to is (at least 9" apart) to protect the home and all inside.

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