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Friday, 1 July 2011


Earth - YOU balanced

The EARTH - YOU is located center of your home and/or business. In the individual rooms it is located in the center section of the Bagua. This is the area where you, as an individual; as part of this planet, reign. Though remember that as we mature our beliefs change. This may or may not coincide with our subconscious and/or childhood memories. Unfortunately, this confuses the Universe. So until we are very clear as to what we believe and what we want, the Universe can do little to assist us.

Enhancing Colors:
Yellows, & Earth-tones

  • Element: "Earth"
  • Character: "Wood"
  • Family: "You"
  • Number: "5"

Enhancing Tips:

  • Take time to ask yourself what it is that you want. Listen to your soul and write down what you hear.

  • Look at change as an adventure not a disruption. My goodness if we did not change we would all still be in diapers.

  • Meditation is an excellent way to learn to know yourself.

  • Yoga is another way that benefits the inner self.

  • Keep your 'Attention' on your 'Intention'.

  • Dream BIG and do not let anyone or anything stand in your way.

  • Dance! The movement of your body will enhance the true you.

  • Listen to music. It feeds the soul.

  • Rejoice in who you are....a child of God!

  • It is time to let go of the old; to get out of that 'comfort zone'. If you did not believe that, you would not be interested in Feng Shui, in the first place.

  • NEVER give up on yourself!

  • Though I given you a lot of information on Feng Shui, I have only touched the tip of the iceberg. Nothing is more beneficial that having a professional Feng Shui master counsel you. It is invaluable!

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