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Saturday, 9 March 2013


Shiva Puja, the Lingam is generally placed before an idol of Nandi. Before bowing to the Lingam itself, the worshipper touches the tail of the bull, which sits facing the Lingam. Flowers and liquid are poured over the Lingam to represent the Shiva and Shakti. The material of worship shall be sprinkled with water, chanting the mantra Aum Namah Shivaaya.
The Dhara worship is conductive in giving a series of pleasures. Different types of auspicious materials of worship shall be added to the water.
Milk with sugar is usually given for the Dhara. The act of this worship sharpens the memory.
Oil-Dhara shall be performed on the Shiva Linga for stopping the evil effects of the enemies. This also gives a success in the business.
When the Scented oil is used All the pleasure will be increased.
When mustard oil is used, the enemies will be destroyed.
When honey is used, the person will get wealth.
The Dahra of sugar cane juice and Ganges water gives all pleasures and salvation.
Sataurdriya Mantra, Rudraikadasa, Rudra Japya, Purusa Sukta, Sadanga, Mahamrtyunjaya Mantras, Gayatri Names ending with Nama and beginning with Pranava or Agama Mantra shall be repeated.
OFFERING OF GRAINS FOR WORSHIP Heaps of rice grains will give prosperity. Whole rice grain. Rice amounting to 100 thousands should be offered for worship.
100 thousand gingerly seeds used for the worship destroy even great sins.
Rajika (small mustard) and pepper shall bring destruction of the enemies.
At the end of the worship a Coconut fruit shall be placed with the scents and flowers etc. and incense, the person gets the BLESSING of his worship.
Money and black grain shall be given as a fee to the priest.
A person who wants liberation shall worship with Darbhas & Worship with Durva grass.
For the birth of sons worship with Dhattura flowers.
A Dhattura planet with red stem is auspicious for worship.
With Agastya flowers will earn great fame.
With Tulasi leaves for salvation and pleasures.
For strength and valor worship with Arka or Kubjakalhara flowers.
With the China rose and Rajika brings the end of enemies.
Karavira flower Bandhuka flowers the person gets wealth.
Jati flowers the person gets cars.
Atasi flowers the person get favor of Vishnu.
Sami leaves the person will secure salvation.
With Mallika flowers the person gets a good spouse.
Yuthika flowers the person gets the pleasure of the property.
Karnikara flowers the person gets clothing. Nirgundi flowers, his mind remains pure.
Bilva leaves used for worship will give all desires.
Garlands of flowers increases happiness and wealth

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