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Friday, 10 February 2012


Santhanam Nagarajan

The Indian Star System or HinduNakshatra system divides the ecliptic the apparent path of the Sun in the sky into 27 equal divisions of 13 degrees 20 minutes each. This system is a scientifically designed system. This mysterious system reveals all the present, past, future events of every man. These 27 nakshatras or stars are closely related to each and every man/woman.
In India, the nakshatra at the time of birth is immediately noted for the newly born child. This is called birth star or Janma Nakshatra in Sanskrit. For every star there is a beneficial Rudraksha bead. The twenty seven nakshatras and the beneficial rudraksha bead are given below:
1)Ashwini - Nine faced
2)Bharani - Six faced
3)Krittika - Single faced or Twelve faced
4)Rohini - Double faced
5)Mrigashirsha - Three faced
6)Aardraa - Eight faced
7)Punarvasu - Five faced
8)Pushya - Seven faced
9)Ashlesha - Four faced
10)Maagha - Nine faced
11)Poorva Phalkuni - Six faced
12)Utra Phalkuni - Single faced or Twelve faced
13)Hasta - Double faced
14)Chitraa - Three faced
15)Swaati - Eight faced
16)Vishaakha -Five faced
17)Anuraadha -Seven faced
18)Jyestha -Four faced
19)Mula -Nine faced
20)Poorvaashadaa -Six faced
21)Uttaraashaada - Single faced or Twelve faced
22)Shraavanaa -Double faced
23)Dhanishtha -Three faced
24)Shatabhisak -Eight faced
25)Poorva Bhaadrapada -Five faced
26)Uttara Bhaadrapada -Seven faced
27)Revathi -Four faced
Rudraksha has no side effects. The various types of rudraksha, different classifications which bestow wealth, health and other worldly pleasures are given in the first part of this article. However for the benefits of the new readers the list is given below again:
A rudraksha of a single face bestows worldly pleasures and salvation. Very rarely one gets this single faced bead.
A rudraksha with two faces bestows the fulfillment of all desires. This quickly makes one to control his mind.
A Rudraksha with three faces always bestows means of enjoyment. As a result of its power all lores become firmly established.
A Rudraksha with four faces instantaneously bestows the four aims of life namely, virtuous life, wealth, sexual enjoyments and salvation. It also represents Brahma the lord of creation. By wearing this, designers, engineers, interior decorators and artists can improve their power of creativity.
A Rudraksha with five faces bestows salvation and all desired objects. Normally ninety per cent of the rudrakshas available in the market are five faced.
A Rudraksha with six faces absolves all sins. This bestows health and wealth.
A Rudraksha with seven faces bestows wealth and wisdom. Even a poor man becomes a great lord.
A Rudraksha with eight faces bestows longevity. Man who wears it lives the full span of life.
A Rudraksha with nine faces increases the energy.
A Rudraksha with ten faces removes ill luck, poverty.

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