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Thursday, 22 September 2011

A stro HERBS

Herbs and plants uses in our daily life

In any system first of all we have to learn about there rules and also the system. Today there are many types of books to know about in tantra but it is not true that it can tell us about tantra or there rules it can be said that it is not complete.
So here we discuss about the herbs and plants which used in tantra. These herbs and plants you can find easily in our nature, but when you can find it make a proper use not harm any one because when we do any wrong god see and note it, so for peace and prosperity use these herbs.

1.] Sweta Ark--- In Hindi it also said mandar. You can find it any where in India. The flower color is blue, white and some red. When you pluck its leaves some milk come there. Here we tell you about white flower ark, its leaves is also some whites type, in tantra shastra its said when any plants whose age is near about 25 years by god gift or by nature the root is formed as lord ganesh it is very rare object . When you get it make a puja and make prathistha in your home you will get all prosperity and wealth also peace in your home.
Other use of sweta ark is in any pushya naksthra where it root in red thread on your neck it always protect from evil eyes also give relief from malefic planets.

2] Moonj--Place it in your house it always protect your home from evil effect. Wear moonj it also helps to clear diseases.

3] Sweta Karvir[White Indian oleander]-- Offer sweta karvir flower to goddess parvati and laxmi it always give you bless because they love sweat karvir flowers.

4] Lal Karvir[Red Indian oleander] -- Lord Ganesh love lal karvir flowers he always bless always goddess kali love this flower.
In tantra it’s said in mrigshira naksthra 7 inch kil place under the land it make vashilkaran {attraction} to others.

5] Bhojpatra[Himalaya silver birch]--It is type of chaal of bhojpatra tree in ancient saints use it like a paper and write in it.
Mantra and yantra make on it and wearing it neck, hand and arms.
Also it use in yajan for get peace and prosperity.

6] Annar [Pomogranate ] -- Plantation of this tree is very lucky in home it always help you to clean your debit and also clear all struggle in life. Also help in get to wealth and money.
Banda [type of climber] of annar place it on Purva Fhalguni in your home it always help you to keep you wealthy and lucky.
In Jeystha naksthra tie the banda on the main door of house it always gets you relief from malefic planets.

7] Naagdown--Wear the root of naagdown it always keep you free from evil eyes and also from malefic planets.
Use naagdown root with milk it keep you free from diseases.

Keep root of naagdown in gold amulet it always give you wealth and property.

Sign any document with the root of naagdown it always keep you wealthy.

8] Giloye[Gulancha tinospora]-- Wear giloye root on ravi pushya it help free from snakes.

9] Ashok[Saraca indica]-- Plant it in your home it always free from any type of bad effects.
11 seeds of ashok put it in sliver amulet wear it always give you gain in all field.
The chal of ashok tree boil and drink it 41days give you relief from any types for women diseases.
Relief from any time of problem chew 11 leaves daily at morning give it solves your all problem.

10] Bilava[Stone apple] -- This is holy tree in Hindu system. the leaves of this tree is offer to god shiva and also goddess laxmi also love this tree all the tree parts is holy in Hindu . its said when anyone read shri suktam under this tree goddess laxmi bless him.

11] Peepul Tree--This is holy tree in Hindu system the whole tree is worship by Hindu it says that lord Saturn give bless who offer water and lamp of oil daily or at least on Saturday.
It also said Lord Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva are live in this tree. So this is very holy tree in Hindu.

12] Tulsi[Basil plant] --This is also a very holy plant in Hindu also is medicated plant because it worship and also use in diseases. Lord Vishnu lives under the tree in form of saligram. Hindu ladies worship daily goddess tulsi. She is also the wife of god Vishnu so it says in Hindu that worship of tulsi is also worship of goddess laxmi.

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