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Thursday, 22 September 2011



For wealth and prosperity:-

Bless with wealth and prosperity do daily puja of “SHRI YANTRA”. It is very best if you do puja on deepwali. Make a normal puja of shri yantra with water, kumkum, panchamirta, flower [white], after pooja make jaap of this laxmi gaytri mantra minimum one mala with lotus beads. The mantra is:-
“om mahalaxmye cha vidhmahey Vishnu patni cha dehmahi tanno laxmi parchodayat”.
The crystal shri yantra is more powerful. Daily offer one red rose on crystal yantra and read above mantra with lotus beads or crystal beads.
1. If you want wealth and prosperity then wear one 14th mukhi rudraksha in gold. On any Tuesday put rudraksha on any plate one red flower then wash with cow milk, cow curd, sugar, honey, cow ghee, at last wash with ganga jal, then make puja with ghee lamp and incense sticks, then wear in gold chain or in red thread, read below mantra 42 days daily one mala:-
“om hing namah maam grihaye dhaan kuru kuru sawaha”.
2. If you want to increase your business then do this sadhna on any sukla paksha Wednesday place one wooden bajot then cover with yellow cloth and place red flower put lotus seed [kamalgatta] on every flower make puja with ghee lamp , some sweets , kumkum and rice. Then on any yellow paper write “om shivya shri om” 21 times with kumkum. Then put it on yellow cloth on that night keep these all things on any three side road. After placing this not see back.
3. Place crystal tortoise on north in your house or office place it that his face inside your house. Also put in your cash box with gold and sliver coin and rice.
4. In iron vessel put milk, sugar ghee, and water offer it daily on peeple tree.
5. Take one sliver pot with his cover fill with gangajal and tie moli and one coral which have hole then tie with help of moli tie it on neck of pot and place it on north-east in your house.
6. On every purnima do puja of satyanarayn in your house and read mantra “om namho bhagvatey vasudevya”

For relief from loan:-
1. If u have loan then read daily “rinmochak mangal srotram”. Start on in skukla pakash Tuesday read daily if any problem to read daily then read every Tuesday.

2. Offer water to daily lord surya . In this water put 11 seeds of dry red chilly. Offer this water read “om aditya namah”. Put your bed room in west side. Wear onex upto 3 ratti or carat in sliver wear it in your right hand little finger.

3. If you given loan to any person and he not able to return loan then drink water in sliver glass and after drinking water put glass downwards. Feed milk to any dog continues 15 days and in these 15 days offer milk in any temple.

4. On any Tuesday in sukla paksha go to any shiv mandir put some masoor dal on shivling and read 108 times
‘’om rinha mukteshwar mahadevaya namaha” do this every Tuesday slowly you will be free from any type of loan. After reading mantra may prayer to god shiva.

5. Kanakdhara yantra is also is best remedy for loan put kanakdhara yantra on red cloth make pancho upchar puja of yantra and bright a lamp front of yantra upto 21 0r 51 days regular of til oil. It is also give you relief from any loan. Read daily kanakdhara srotram 21 or 51 times.

6.when any person not return your money then make kajal with the help of camphor write the name of that person on bhojpatra and put it down under any heavy thing. It also help you to get your money back. Do it any sukla paksha in subha muhurath.

For solve any problem or tension:

1. When in anyone in tension or in any problem then put mrigcharam on his bed he have to sleep on it . This is best remedies for ride any problem.

2. Place your head on east or south side while you are sleeping. Burn camphor on room it gives you peace and relief from any tension or problem.

3. On Monday put gayatri yantra and gita yantra on your puja ghar and wear pearl mala on your neck and read daily 108 times “om namho bhagwatey vasudeya”.

4.On deepawali evening burn oil lamp under ashok tree and make puja of tree. Then take three leaves of tree and chew it next day after washing, it give your relief from any tension.

For education and success in exam:
1. When your children giving exam give daily fresh curd daily. But change time daily one day 8 am, 2nd day 9 pm like this change daily. Gap at least 1 hour. And put some sugar in curd.
2. Offer puja to sarswati yantra daily. Put it on your puja ghar on sukla paksha in any Thursday in panchami, dashmi, or purnima thithi.
3. Read 108 times “om aeng vaneyaee namah” read this mantra on water and offer your child to drink it.

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