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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Remedies from Birth of a Daughter after Three Sons

Ch. 95. Remedies from Birth of a Daughter after Three Sons

1-2. The Sage said. O Brahmin! I will now tell you about other kinds of inauspicious births. The birth of a daughter after the birth of three sons, or the birth of a son after the birth of three daughters is ominous for both the maternal and paternal families of such children. Therefore remedial measures, described below, may be taken to get deliverance from these evil effects.
3-9. The rites should be performed on the morning next to the last day of Sutak, or on any other auspicious day in the following order. After selecting a priest and some Brahmins to perform the remedial religious rites, the priest, after paying obeisance to the nine Grahas, should install four Kalashas on a heap of paddy, place the idols of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha and Indra, made of gold, on them and perform their worship in the prescribed manner. A Brahmin (an assistant of the priest), after taking bath etc., should recite four Rudra Suktas and the whole of Shanti Sukta. The priest should perform Havan with Samidha, Ghī and sesame seeds 1008, 108, or 28 times with the recitation of the prescribed Mantras of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha and Indra. Svistkrata and Purnahuti and Abhisheka of the child with his family should be done and presents in cash should be given to the priest and his assistants, according to one’s means. The Brahmins should be fed. The father and the mother of the child should see their reflections in the Ghī, kept in a bronze vessel. Lastly grains and clothes should be distributed to the poor and the needy. By the performance of the above remedial rites the evil effects are wiped out and the child and his parents etc. enjoy happiness.

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