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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Your health salt

Your health salt

 Dr. George. W. Carey of los angeles, california, allocated the twelve inorganic salts with the twelve signs of zodiac. His theory, which appears to be borne out in practice, is that according to the month in which a person is born he suffers a deficiency of a particular salt. The following are the dates with their corresponding cell-salts: -
Mar. 21   to   Apr. 20                Kali phosphoricum

Apr. 21   to   May. 20                Natrum sulphuricum

May. 21  to   Jun. 20                  Kali muriaticum

Jun. 21    to   Jul. 20                   Calcium fluoride

Jul. 21     to   Aug. 20                 Magnesia phosphoricum 

Aug. 21   to   Sep. 23                 Kali sulphuricum

Sep. 23   to   Oct. 23                  Natrum phosphoricum

Oct. 23   to   Nov. 22                 Calcium sulphate

Nov. 22  to   Dec. 21                  Silicea

Dec. 21   to   Jan. 19                  Calcium phosphate

Jan. 19    to   Feb. 19                  Natrum muriaticum

Feb. 19   to   Mar. 20                  Ferrum phosphoricum
Ascertaining the date of birth, find out your corresponding health salt and keep it always handy to restore your health whenever disturbed, before resorting to any other treatment. This will help you cent per cent.

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