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Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Planet: Sun

Metal: Gold
Body: Heart, Spine
Color: Gold, yellow
Remedies: Aurum, Palatina

Personality: Strong, active, argues, quick, busy, selfish, aggressive, incline to violence.

Planet: Moon

Metal: Silver
Body: Brain, Blood
Color: Silver, White, Cream, Green
Remedies: Arg, Puls, Igna

Personality: Emotional, sensitive, caring

Planet: Mercury

Metal: Mercury
Body: Nerves, Lung
Color: Silver, Grey, Yellow
Remedies: Mer, Tub, Cann ind, Stram

Personality: Talking & gissoping, massenger, deplomat, love reading.

Planet: Venus

Metal: Copper
Body: Kidney, nutrition
Color: Blue, pink, pastel shades
Remedies: Pulsatilla

Personality: Mild & Artistic, goes with the flow, creates harmony, never upset others, like sweets.

Planet: Mars

Metal: Iron
Body: Blood, muscles, circulation
Color: Red, Brown
Remedies: Ferrum met

Planet: Jupitar

Metal: Tin
Body: Liver, Gall bladder
Color: Orange
Remedy: Chelidonium

Personality: Theorizer, speculate, gamble, like to travel, suspicious mind, have a sense of humor

Planet: Saturn

Metal: Lead
Body: Skelton, Skin, Hair, Nails
Color: Black, Dark colors, purple, violet, indigo
Remedies: Calc, Plumb, Allumina, Lycopodium

Personality: Dark, heavy, likes coffee, dark color, winter, night time, music. Intolerant, conservative

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