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Friday, 12 August 2011

Vedic Remedies

1. Wear Rahu Yantra locket in neck.
ok. a rahu remedy of every kind will be good enough. better to put the yantra in
puja room. better go for a rahu rudra bead...and do nava nag mantra.....daily

2. 'White thread' Remedy - Tie a White thread around your wrist on a
Monday morning within one hour of Sunrise, after taking a bath and
wearing clean clothes. The thread should preferably be a cotton
thread. This thread has to be kept on the wrist continuously for 41
days without being removed. If the thread gets dirty/discolored
within 41 days, replace it with a fresh one on another Monday, same
time, same way.
This Remedy will give accumulated benefit if performed again and
again for a span of 41 days starting on a Monday morning.

ok. seems ok as a remedy. a similar one is recommended for tuesdays....with a
red thread for mars remedies. (specially to preganent women).

3. Do not consume Liquor and Non-vegetarian food on Tuesdays.
alternatively saying to maintain a fast for diety Hanuman or Ganpati or Devi.
Tuesday is their day. Primarily mars remedy.

4. 'Saffron Tilak' Remedy - Mix little Saffron with 1-2 drops of
water using Right Index finger. Apply 'Tilak' in the middle of
forehead every morning after bathing and before going out for work
using the same Index finger. This Remedy should be done daily.

Remedy for Jupiter. Basically when the guru (jupiter is not placed strong in the
horoscope.) . Alternative, keep the kesar where u keep your jewelry and cash in
house. Drink warm milk with kesar every night before going off to sleep (also an
ayurvedic home remedy). wear a gold chain in the neck. (also for Rahu when it is
in 9th house - Jupiter's house as per lal kitab)

5. Donate Blankets in a Temple, Church or any religious place.
Remedy for ketu. specially when kids are in trouble or having a tough time. they
must have recommended this, because currently, ketu and juptier are in Virgo
rashi and will continue to be together till Sept 05.

6. Keep water by bedside at night.
I have already answered this. The catch is, pour this water into some plants
etc. in the morning. dont drink this. dont put into your house drain either.

7. Feed Dogs regularly, or keep a pet Dog.
Remedy for Jupiter, specially when it is placed adversely in the 5th house. Try
to go for a dalmatian or a dog which is two colored. (sound funny!! :-)) it is
supposed to be an additional remedy for Mercury. (also when rahu is in 9th house
- Jupiter's house as per lal kitab.)

8. Wear Silver in neck.
remedy for mercury and moon both. specially for couples wanting kids or if kids
are having a problem. generally good for emotional well being. alternatively,
silver ring in ring finger.

9. Do not dump waste or useless wood on the roof of your house.

seems like remedy for Saturn. I have not been able to locate this one in my

10. Do not live in a South-facing house.
In urban cities we may not have much choice nowadays. Just keep some tall plants
in front of the main door of the house and some scultpure along with it. if you
have a garden in front, have some tall trees in front to cover the facade of a
south facing house.

IMPORTANT RECOMMENDATIONS - which will give you more benefit :
11. Use more Yellow on self and in the house - in home furnishings
simple jupiter remedy. i have some other opinion. wear what u like from heart -
u cannot have a yellow festival all the time in the house!!! . have Kadi- Rice
on thursdays in dinner. eat this when u have dinner, with family, and eat this
dinner in the kitchen. it will work as effective and give you other benefits as
if u have liquor, try to shift to scotch and have it with only water or ICE. no
soda or mixers.

Friends, pardon me if I am hurting any feelings out here, but this also works!!

12. Worship Lord Ganesha.

Primarily a remedy for jupiter and budh. jupiter in 5th house.

13. Keep good relations with your mother.

remedy for moon.

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