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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Vastu Tips ....

Vastu Tips ....
Planting trees
Big spreading trees like mango and tall trees like coconut etc. should not be planted in the east, north and northeast of a plot with building. It will obstruct the morning sunrays. Big trees can be grown in south and west sides. Coconut, betal, neem, margosa, ashoka, sandal and plants like tulsi (basil), turmeric, marigold (red), roses (all except black), jasmine and banana are considered very auspicious. Thorny trees should not be planted near a house. It is believed that planting palm, gooseberry,
tamarind trees and cotton plants will destroy wealth and bring miseries to the inmates. Lime or lemon tree with yellow flowers is also not recommended.
Interior Decoration
Whatever is displayed in a house should be aesthetically pleasing and bring joy to the onlooker. Cultural aspects should also be borne in mind while selecting decorative pieces, paintings and pictures. Vastu Shastra prohibits display of pictures or images showing war scenes, fighting scenes, magic, and statues of terrifying giants or demons and people in tears. Similarly, pictures, paintings or models of pigs, eagle, snake, owl, crow, pigeons, vultures, wild beasts, tiger, lion, wolves, bears, jackals, wild asses, hounds etc. are also prohibited. Scenes showing poverty, injury, accidents, sorrow, terror, dead bodies, riots, fire earthquake and mummies also should not be exhibited in a house.
Grihapravesha -Housewarming Ceremony
Grihapravesha is the most important ceremony in the sequence of events for construction of a building. Entering a house for the first time is done at an auspicious time after conducting poojas (religious ceremonies) and havana (homa; religious fire ceremonies).
• Unfavourable Week Days: Tuesday, Sunday
• Favourable Stars: All fixed stars (Rohini, Uthram, Uthradam, Uthrattathi), all friendly stars(Makayiram, Chithra, Anizham, Revathi)
• Unfavourable Tithis(dates as used in the Indian Lunar calendar): Prathama, Chathurthy, Navami, Chathurdasi, Krishnapaksha Ashtami, Amavasi
• Unfavourable Nithyayogas: Vishkamba, Athigandha, Soola, Gandha, Vyaghata, Vajra, Vyathipatha, Parikha, Vaidhrithi
• Unfavourable Karanas: Vishti
Location of Prayer Room
• Room for prayer and meditation is recommended to be in the northeast corner of the house.
• Deity or image of god should not face the south direction. Ideal positions are such that you face east or west while praying.
Location of Study Room
• Study room is best located at western side of the house.
• Room between northeast and east as well as between northeast and north can also be used for studying. These locations are suitable for meditation also.
• The study desk should be aligned so that you face east while studying. Facing north is also acceptable. As far as possible the table should be away from the north and east walls.
Guidelines for Lawns and Trees
• Big trees are recommended in the southern and western sides of the plot.
• Number of trees should be even.
• Thorny trees should not be grown in the site.
• Small plants and green lawns are recommended at the eastern and northern sides.
Vastu Tips for Kitchen
• According to the Vastu Shilpa Shastra, kitchen can be in the North -West or southeast corner of a house.
• Drinking water taps or kitchen sinks should be fixed at the North-East corner of the kitchen, making it possible for the water to flow out through that corner.
• Southern and Western sides are the best-chosen places in a kitchen for placing items like refrigerator, grinding stone, storage racks etc.
• The store room must be located between South - East and East or between South - East and South.
• The cooking platform or stove should be placed in such a way that one faces East while cooking
Direction of Bed
• Adults should sleep with the head towards South or East
• Children should sleep with their head towards East
• Guests are allowed to sleep with thier head towards the West.
• Sleeping with the head towards the North direction is totally
prohibited as per Vastu Shastra
Guidelines for Shops
• Loft or mezzanine floor should be in the western, southern or south-western sides.
• Showcases, racks etc. should be against the west and southern walls.
• Counters should be designed in such a way that the salesmen face either east or north and the customers face west or south.
• Heavy items of machinery should be kept in west, south and southwest sides only.
• Toilets should not be in the northeast corner.
• Entrance to the shop is ideally from the northeast portion.
• The cashier should sit facing north or east.
• The cashier should not sit in the northeast or northwest corners
Office Layout
• The chief of the office should occupy the chamber in the southwest corner and should face north while sitting. The table should be at the southwest corner of the room. Door to the chamber should be in the northeast corner
• The next person in authority (manager) should occupy the chamber in the south or west. He should face north while occupying room in the southern side and should face east while occupying the room in the west.
• All other staff members should sit facing east.

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