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Tuesday, 2 August 2011


General remedies
1. Fast on Sunday.2. Reciting or listening to Harivansha Purana.3. Wheat, Jaggery and copper etc. to be given in charity.4. Maintaining good moral character.5. Wearing Ruby or in place of Ruby copper can be used.6. Throwing copper coin in the flowing water.7. Keep main entrance from east.8. Keeping away from black marketing and black marketers.9. Do not give in alms the article pertaining to Sun if Sun is exalted.10. Service of Government official.

Deity: Lord Vishnu
Vocation: Kshatriya Rajput
Precious Stones: Ruby
Body Parts: Whole body
On the face: Right Portion
Animals: Monkey, Hilly Cow
Colour of Planet: Wheatish
Remedies Recital: Harivansha Purana
Remedies Donation: Wheat, Red Copper

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