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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Concept of Health according to the Planets

Diseases related to Sun: Head,Skull,Bone,Eyes,Nose,Ears,Knees,Arms,Cold Allergics,Feet,Blood Circulation,Spinal Cord,Gastric Troubles,Back Pain,Ribs,Hair.
Diseases related to Moon: Throat,Neck,Thyroid,Thighs,Body Fluids,Muscles,Central Nervous System,Blood Circulation from Abdomen to Feet,Pulse Beating,Complete Blood Minerals,Fluids in Brain,Sleeping Disorders.
Diseases related to Mars: Legs,Abdomen,Blood,Hormones, Glands, Legs and Hands,Allergic,Heridity Disorders, Secretion of Organs,Knee Cups,Thin Layers in lungs, Blood Circulation to Brain, Immunity to entire Body.
Diseases related to Mercury: Both leg and Hand Fingures,Sensing Nerves, Pulse,Thin layers in stomach, Respiratory and Voice, Minerals and Vitamins Deficit,Epidermis, Artery and Vein,All diseases related to Virus and Bacteria, Cell membarane, Cell count,Gum in Knee cups, All Skin Diseases.
Diseases related to Venus: Kidneys, Secretions,Bladder, Obesity, Acidity,Ulcers,Water formation to Limbs, Heart related Volves, Feet disorders, Hormone fluids, Muscles related to Thigh, Voice disorder, Enzymes in Digestive system.
Diseases related to Jupiter: Inner organs of the body, Disorder to Liver Pancreas, Spleen, Cartilage bone, Sexual organs in both male and female, Bad Fat, Muscle growth, Goiter, Duodenum, Bone fractures. Due to Saturn no Health disorders are indicated, it is a karmic Planet. If Saturn is good in a horoscope there is no health disorders upto end of the life.

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