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Monday, 8 August 2011

Remove black magic from persons

Remove black magic  from persons
Place a bit of seasalt in all corners of your house 

  • Collect your urine (early in the morning) in a bucket and add water
  • Add a few hands of seasalt in a another bucket and fill with water
  • While going to the bathroom lit a candle in the bathroom while you are cleaning yourself
  • First wash yourself with your urine mixed with water (head, hair, face, every body part), you might even take a sip.
  • Than wash yourself with ayurvedic herbal  soap or pure olive soap.
  • Than pour the saltywater over your body  and let it dry.
  • Than wear clean white clothes

You will feel much better. Negativity and black magic will go back and create serious havoc for the transmitter of this negative energy. Enemies cannot come near you. You will see the true faces of your false friends. Repeat frequently. Those in a hostile surrounding should repeat this every day for excellent results.

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