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Monday, 8 August 2011

Removal of blackmagic in serious cases

Removal of blackmagic in serious cases

Sometimes the victim is possesed by a dangerous spirit he or she is not aware of. Drug abuse, alcoholism, violent behaviour, obessesive behaviour.

In this case the victim should be placed in a  room with strong smellling flowers,like chameli or lelium or any strong other smelling flower.

The possesed person should smell the flower.

Than remove the flower and throw this flower in streaming water. The spirit will leave the person. Sometimes the spirit might come back.

After the flower has been thrown in the water the person should be washed  with salt and his/her own urine as described in another chapter of this website.

Spirits like parfumes a lot , therefore it is forbidden to use parfume in the night, spirits might come to you. Not all of them are friendly.

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