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Tuesday, 2 August 2011



Deity: Goddess Saraswati

Vocation: Sweeer Pion


Precious Stones:Gomed

Body Parts: Head Mental Vibrations

On the face:

Elephant,Wild Rat

Colour of Planet: Blue

Remedies Recital: Saraswati Pooja,Kanyadan

Remedies Donation: Mustard, Gomed

In the lagna.

1. Wheat, Jaggery and brass should be given in alm or to the temple.

2. Silver piece (square or rectangular having the same thickness every where should be worn around the neck).

3. Taking milk bath.

In the 2nd house

1. Keep small silver balls in the pocket.

2. Haldi or kesar tilak on forehead.

3. Wearing gold ornaments.

4. Keep silver or water in the north-west side of house.

In the 3rd house

1.   Do not keep ivory or any thing made of ivory.

2.   Remedies of Moon.

In the 4th house

1. Taking holy bath in Ganges at Gangotri/Gomukh

2he dirty water should not be stagnant in the house or near the four walls of the house.

3. No kitchen under the stair case.

In the 5th house

1. Keep a solid silver elephant toy.

2. Marrying your wife two times.

3. No second marriage.

In the 6th house

1.   Domesticate a black dog.

2.   Keep black glass windows at home or at office.

3.   Keep small lead balls in the pocket.

In the 7th house

1. No dog in the house.

2. Keep silver brick in the house.

3. Throw coconut in the running water.

In the 8th house

1. Drop 8 lead coins every year in the running water till the age of 42.

2. Keep SquareSilver piece, 2?--2? and  thickness 3-4 mm, in the pocket.

3. Drop 4 coconuts in running water of river .If it is not immediately possible then offer these in a Hanuman Temple or any other Temple.

In the 9th house

1. Living in joint family.

2. Wear gold.

3. Bowing head in the temple.

In the 10th house

1  Always keep cap or something on headNever be bare headed.

2. Remedies of Mars.

In the 11th house

1. Silver on head.

2. Taking milk in silver vessel.

3. Use a silver container for cigarettes or have a silver pipe.

4. No arms in the house or on person.

5. Four kilos of lead and one dry coconut to be dropped in the running water.

In the 12th house

1. Sugar and Saunf to be kept under the pillow.

2. Solid silver elephant toy in the house.

3. A dark room in the end of the house.

When Rahu gives bad results following remedies may be generally useful:-
1. Remedies involving silver when mental peace is disturbed.

2. Pulse of Masoor (red color) may be given to the sweeper or he should be helped in other ways.

3. Barley or wheat equal in weight of the sick person to be dropped in the running water.

4. Barley should be kept under the bed on the side of the head in the night and distributed in the morning to the poor.

5. To solve the problem of business or trade with the Government charcoal equal to the weight of the native should be dropped in the running water.

General for all houses

1. Saraswati Poojan.

2. Never accept electrical items, steel vessels or blue clothes.

3. Kanya dan.

4. Wearing gomed.

5. Live in joint family.

6. Never use tobacco.

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