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Friday, 5 August 2011

Metals Gems Fruit

Metals, Gems & Fruit

Saturn: Litharge, iron slag, hard stones. Lead. Pepper, belleric myrobalan, olives, medlars, bitter pomegranate, lentils, liriseed, hempseed.

Jupiter: : Marcasite, tutty, sulphur, red arsenic, all white and yellow stones, stones found in ox-gall. Tin, white lead, fine-brass, diamond, all jewels worn by man. Wild pomegranate, apple, wheat, barley, rice, durra, chick peas, sesame. 

Mars: Magnetic iron, shadna (lentil-shaped stones) cinnabar, rouge and mosaics (fasifusa). Iron and copper. Bitter almond, seed of turpentine-tree.

The Sun: : Jacinths, lapis lazul1, Yellow sulphur, orpimem, Pharaonic glass, marble, re-algar, pitch. Gold and whatever is coined therefrom for kings. Orange and maize.

Venus: : magnesia and antimony. Silver and gold and jewels set in these, household vessels made of gold, silver and brass, pearls, emeralds, shells. Figs, grapes, dates, origanum and fenugreek.

Mercury: Depilatory, arsen1c, amber, all yellow and green stones. All coins struck with name and number such as dinars, dirhams and coppers, old gold and qu1cks1lver, turquoise,cora1,tree-coral. Pease, beans, caraway, coriander. 

The Moon: Nabatean glass, white stones, emera1d, moonstone. Silver and things manufactured of silver, such as cups, bangles, rings and the like, pearls, crystal, beads strung. Wheat, barley, large and small cucumbers, melons.

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