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Friday, 5 August 2011

Animals Birds

Saturn: Black animals and those living in holes in the ground; oxen, goats, horses, sheep, ermine, sable, weasel , cat , mouse, Jerboa, a1so black snakes, scorpions and other poisonous insects and fleas and beetles. Aquatic and nocturnal birds, ravens, swallows and flies. 

Jupiter: Man, domestic animals and those with cloven hoots such as sheep, oxen, deer, those which are speckled and beautifully coloured, and edible, or speak1ng, or trained such as lions, cheetahs and leopards. Birds with straight beaks , grain eating, not black, pigeon, francolin, peacock, domestic fowls, hoopoe and lark.

Mars: Lion, leopard, wolf, wild pig, dog, destructive or mad wild beasts, venomous serpents. Flesh-eating birds with curved bills , nocturnal, water hens, bats, all red birds, wasps.

The Sun: Sheep, mountain goat, deer, Arab horse, lion, crocodile, nocturnal anima1s which remain concealed during the day. Eagle, ring-dove, turtle dove, cock and falcon.

Venus: All those wild animals Which have white or yellow hoofs such as gazelle, wild ass, mountain goat also large fish. Ring-dove, wild pigeon, sparrow, bulbul, nightingale, locusts and inedible birds.

Mercury: Ass, camel, domestic dog, fox, hare, Jackal, ermine, nocturnal creatures, small aquatic and terrestrial animals. Pigeon, starling, crickets, falcon, aquatic birds and nightingales. 

The Moon: Camel, ox, sheep, elephant, giraffe, all beasts of burden obedient to man and domesticated. Ducks, cranes, carrion crows, herons, chicks, partridge.

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