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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

ग्रह दोष, ग्रह शान्ति, उपाय

Offer water to Sun and Surya Namaskar at the time of Sunrise. Offer wet wheat with jiggery (gur) on Sundays or everyday, depends on the affliction in the chart. Offer service to father & father in law.
Offer fresh water to birds daily. Offer some flour dough to cow on Mondays or daily, depends on the affliction in the chart. Offer service to Mother. 
Recitation of Hanuman Chalisa for five to ten minutes or meditation daily in the morning. Help younger brothers and servants.
Offer sweet chapatti/bread to birds daily.
Offer services to leprosy patients. 
Offer yellow sweets or  ladoos to birds daily.
Offer water to Pipal tree daily except Sunday
or on Thursday. Offer service to preceptor or guru.
Offer salted Chapatti/bread laced with mustard oil daily. Offer water to Pipal tree on Saturdays or daily except Sundays. Offer some salted snacks to birds daily. Take care of servants & poor people in distress.
Offer water to Tulsi (Basil) plant daily except Sunday.
Help students in distress.Offer donations to orphan homes once a month.
Offer plain chapatti/bread/milk to stray dog daily.
Offer service to elderly people & saints.
Offer sweets or sweet rice to birds daily.
Donate silken clothes. Be patient in listening to wife.

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