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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Zodiacal Diet

Zodiacal Diet
Astrologists also recommend that we choose our diets based on the needs of our zodiac signs. Here is some dietary advice for different signs.
Choose your sign and read the diet your stars want you to follow.
Then choose one of the following:
1. Never tried - if you never tried following that diet.
2. Yes - if you tried following this diet and found it to be good for you.
3. No - if you tried the diet (or just tried to eat more of the foods recommended) and it didn’t work for you.
Aries 21. march - 20. april
Avoid animal fats. Go easy on coffee. Tea is your best bet. Avoid canned and pickled foods. It would be a good idea to eat 2 to 3 tablespoons of boiled rice a day. The most suitable fruit for you are bananas, apples and tangerines. And lastly: the Aries is always on the run. You still have to chew well. Do as the Japanese do: chew on each piece 30 – 40 times.
Taurus 21. april - 20. may
You generally have good appetite. Like Aries you have to learn to chew well. Vegetables are good for you: carrots, spinach, onions, cabbage, cucumbers. Fish is very good. Your fruits are: pineapple, peach, quince. Avoid cake and all manner of sweets as much as you can.
Gemini 21. may - 20. june
You should keep to a high calorie diet. You have to avoid sugar though. And forget about baked goods and alcohol. Grain would provide major brain nutrients. Boiled rice and buckwheat would be very good for you. You can eat unlimited quantities of veggies. Favor eggplants, potatoes, peas, beans and corn. Meat, on the other hand, should be kept to just one serving a week.
Cancer 22. june - 22. july
Do not eat to relieve stress. Try watching TV or listening to pleasant music instead. Eat a little and often. Grains, fish and milk are best for you, but remember they don’t combine well. Avoid drinking sweet tea after meals. Go with grain soups, steamed white meat and lean fish.
Leo 23. july - 23. aug.
Cut down on meat and alcohol. Only allow yourself a drink when the occasion absolutely calls for it. Leo needs protein more than any other sign. The best foods for you are milk, eggs and beans. Favor vegetables with coarse fiber: onions, celery, parsnip. Attention: try to eat as little salt as possible. Try to eat foods that leave you feeling full for a long time. FYI fat foods, like chocolate and pork chops, don’t give you that feeling. White bread and candy can make you sugar high, but you’ll feel hungry again soon afterwards.
Virgo 24. aug. - 23. sep.
You are very intuitive about what’s good for you. Vegetarianism is a natural option. You would do well to give yourself a little boost in the form of macaroni and herbs every now and then. Stay away from smoked meats. Explore other ways of cooking: steaming for example. This way you preserve the natural taste of what you are eating and you don’t need to use any added fats.
Libra 24. sep. - 23. oct.
Avoid salt, smoked meats, spices, margarine, milk, cheeses and dry fruits. Your reward is unlimited quantities of bread, rice, fresh and boiled veggies. Meat and eggs are good for you. Once or twice a week organize your day in 5 – 6 meals consisting respectively of cottage cheese, fruit, salad, kefir etc. Drink a lot of green tea, it has strong cleansing properties.
Scorpio 24. oct. - 22. nov.
You have to be mindful of what you are eating so your natural magnetism doesn’t fade away as years go by.
You can’t afford being indiscriminate. Game is good for you. To keep energized add sage, spices and cinnamon.
Eat a lot of garlic and grains.
Drink at least 2 litters of water daily.
Sagittarius 23. nov. - 21. dec.
Avoid smoked meats, sauces, spices, salt and sugar. Eat a lot of greens, salad, peppermint, parsnip. Milk, fresh fruit and veggies are the guarantors of your health. Try to eat boiled foods, not fried. Keep a good supply of frozen vegetables, lean meat (veal, lamb), chicken fillet and fish in the freezer.
Capricorn 22. dec. - 20. jan.
Your menu should be comprised of kefir, meat, pasta, fresh and boiled vegetables. Black cherries, strawberries and brambleberries are your most recommended fruit. Replace cottage cheese with kefir. Make sure there is parsley and celery on the table regardless of the season. Use olive oil in salads.
Aquarius 21. jan. - 20. feb.
Give up pastry and canned goods. Sweets and pastry cause a huge release of insulin for glucose metabolism. Increased insulin takes the glucose levels below the norm, which prompts the body to stock up fat. You need to cleanse and switch to fruit and veggies. Only eat white meat and baked fish. Use vegetable oil instead of butter and honey instead of sugar. You can have as much milk, kefir, rice and pasta as you like.
Pisces 21. feb. - 20. march
You love to cook. Which means a lot of tasting, too. Avoid fried foods, gravy, sauces and fats. Grains are good (rice especially). Eat a lot of foods rich in iron and phosphates: grapes, apples, nuts, pomegranates. Certainly do not eat after 6pm.
Now pick one of the three:
1. Never tried - if you never tried following that diet.
2. Yes - if you tried following this diet and found it to be good for you.
3. No - if you tried the diet (or just tried to eat more of the foods recommended) and it didn’t work for you.

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