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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Upaya for a Cancer patient

 Upaya for a Cancer patient

Cancer is such a disease which would always need medical attention. How ever a few upaya could make the treatment work . I am suggesting a couple of upaya which I have known to be effective in bearing the pain and making the patient respond to the medicine.

[ 1 ] The mythological legend says that Mother Durga killed the demon ` Raktabeej' . Cancer is also known as raktabeej. Therefore the patient should either recite or listen to the Durga Saptshati every day.

[ 2 ] A photograph of Ma Durga in the room of the patient could also be helpful

[ 3 ] The patient should recite the following mantra as often as possible.

This is known as `maya beej' a beej mantra of Bhuwaneshwari Devi .
Get a correct pronunciation from a pandit.

" Rogaan-asheshana-pahamsi tushtaa
   rushta  tu  kamaan saklan-abhishtan"
" twam-aashritanam na vipannaranaam
  twam-aashritam Hiyashritam  Prayanti"

 Durga Saptashati
Sloka-29, Chapter 11- called Narayani Stuti.

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