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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Spice up the good energy

Spice up the feel-good energy
Do you feel matters change for the worse when someone comes visiting? It might leave you drained from the constant negativity. Or then, do you sometimes find that there’s a missing ingredient in your home that’s keeping the essential happiness away?

Magic or scientific,
here’s how to ward off negativity with using these:

Rock salt
Can repel negativity and unwanted vibrations from you or your home. Add a tablespoon to bathwater.

Pierce nine cloves in a lemon and place it on your windowsill to ward off danger.

Star anise
Carry it in your pocket, it helps activate inner power and protect against demonic forces to an extent.

It is said to attract prosperity. Add one to your bag.

Red chilliesIf burnt in the fire, it is said to keep off negative people.

If hung on your door can keep away negativity.

Fill a jar with honey, on a paper write the name of someone you wish to sweeten a relationship with and drop it in the honey.

Garlic has a special place in the mystic world. It is that if you place it on the window-sill, it keeps off evil spirits.

Tulsi plant
Have one in your home or sill, and see it change the ibrations. It purifies the air flowing in your house, and attracts positivity.

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