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Monday, 4 July 2011

Remedies for Your Birth Stars

Remedy for Getting Government Favour
1.Feed Jaggery (Gur) to Monkeys
2.Donate 4 Dry coconuts and 400 grams whole-almonds in flowing water(river) during Solar Eclipse.

Remedy for warding away  Foe's
Distribute Red color sweets or candies  in the eveing On Tuesday.
Visit Lord Hanuman temple , Pray and offer Red color sweets in the eveing.
Install Red Color Flag on Religious Building.
Remedy for Avoiding Bad Luck, fighting in family, especially if walls are wet because of seepage of sewrage/ rain water 
Lead (used in pencils), Tobacoo should be offer  in flowing dirty water rivulte.
caution::Never throw Pencil lead, tobacoo or raw coal in clelan flowing River water.
(updatged on march 2011 during Jupiter & Moon conjuction) 

Remedy for success in Job Interviews
1.Donate two handfuls of fennel(sauf) in any government insititution daily for 43 days daily.
2.Offer Yellow sweets made of Besan (white gram flour) to father for 43 days.

Remedy for Prosperity
From one's own meal, a chapati or a piece of it must be offered to cows, crows, monkeys  and dogs for all round well being and prosperity.

Remedy for Improving One's Negative Emotions
Eat and drink from silver utensils for strengthening Moon and reducing evil effects of Rahu. 

Remedy for Avoiding Money Loss and Quarrels in one's Life
1.Sweet loaves of bread, specially baked in Tandoor, should be offered to animals every month for warding off sickness, quarrels and other troubles, caused by Mars negative in the horoscope.
2.Place a pot of water under the headside of the bed at night and pour it on a tree or plant in the morning.
Remedy to Overcome Worries and Fears in Life
1.Take meals in the kitchen; avoid eating while sitting on the bed.
2.Dispose of articles which have not been used for decades; do not clutter your house/office with unnecessary articles. This will reduce the bad effects of Rahu, whose job it is to cause unnecessary and avoidable worries and fears.
Remedy for Welfare of Son
Do not Kick or cause harm to dogs, if possible, feed them. This will improve effect of Ketu (symbolic of son and luxurious life).
Remedy To Stop Ongoing Money Loss and othe Losses
Take a lamp made of earthen pot. Lit nine cotton made batt's in Pure Ghee(white milk butter). Offer this Lamp to Lord Hanumaan ji at midnight of Tuesday between 12.00am to 1.00am. Pray to Lord Hanumaan for improvement of Money gains.

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