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Monday, 4 July 2011


Remedies for Sun
Keep fast on Sunday
Offer water to Sun at the time of the Sunrise.
Offer wet wheat with jaggery (gur) on Sundays or every day, depends on the affliction in the chart.
 Offer service to father & father in law.
Donation of things which are related with sun, can remove bad effects of sun. for example wheat, gold, red cloth etc.these things should be donated on Sunday.
Vedic scriptures describe many mantras for sun. Chanting of these mantras can be very effective for weak sun.
Praying to the sun on early morning is also beneficial for ill placed sun.
Remedies for Moon
Offer fresh water to birds daily.
Offer some flour dough to cow on Mondays or daily depends on the affliction in the chart.
Moon signifies mother so you should respect your mother.
Keep fast on Monday.
Donation of moon`s gemstones is very beneficial.
Donation of moon related thing is also beneficial. Moon related things are white cloths, rice, milk, curd, medicine, the should be Monday for donation.
Vedic scriptures describe mantras of moon. Chanting of these mantras is also beneficial.
Praying to lord shiva and gauri is also beneficial.

Remedies for mars  
Donate Mars gemstone.
Donate mars related things such as red cloths, gold, sweet bread. The donation should be performed on Tuesday.
Keeping fast on Tuesday is also beneficial for bad placed mars.
One should take care of his/her younger brother and sister.
Chanting of mantras of mars is also beneficial.
Remedies for mercury
Donate mercury gemstone.
Donate mercury related things such as green cloths, green vegetables, green colored bangles, sugar, and camphor.
Donation of books to poor students is extremely good for ill paced mercury.
Keep fast on Wednesday.
Chanting of mantras of mercury is also beneficial for mercury.
Remedies for Jupiter
Keep fast on Thursday.
Worship lord Vishnu.
Chanting of Vishnu sahasranama is also extremely beneficial.
Wear stone of Jupiter.
Donation of yellow cloths, yellow sweets, yellow gems, books.
Serving teachers
Chanting of mantras of Jupiter is also beneficial for ill placed Jupiter.
Remedies of Venus
 Wear stone of Venus.
Keep fast on Friday.
Chanting of mantras of Venus is also beneficial.
Donation of things related with Venus is also beneficial. For examples cow, milk, white cloths, perfumes, silk cloth, sandal wood, camphor,
Service of cows may be very beneficial.
Remedies for Saturn
Keep fast on Saturday.
Donate stone of Saturn.
Chanting mantras of Saturn is also very beneficial.
Avoid black cloths.
Donation of black cloths, leather shoe, iron, oil and black till is also beneficial.
Read hanuman chalisa is also a great help.
Worshiping of lord hanuman is also give good result.
Offer sindur to lord hanuman.
Remedies for Rahu
Donate iron weapons, blue clothes, blankets, iron ,  electrical equipments,
Donate gemstone of Rahu.
Chanting mantras of Rahu is also beneficial for bad effects of Rahu.
Remedies for Ketu
Donate goat, calf, weapons, iron, blankets, sesame, grey cloths etc.
Donate gemstone of Ketu.
Chanting mantras of Ketu is also a beneficial for bad effects of Ketu.

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