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Wednesday, 13 July 2011


To curb the ill-effects of Navagrah, one has perform Shanti pooja (propitiatory actions to counter the bad effects) for the particular planet and it’s Lord by donating a few items to the needy.
The Sun:
            Ruby, wheat, red cloth, red flower, jaggery, gold, copper, cow with calf, red sandal wood, powder, saffron, landed property.
The Moon:
            Bamboo casket, white cloth, white rice, camphor, white pearl, sliver, milk curd, white sugar crystals, sugar, ghee (clarified butter)
The Mars :
            Wheat, red masoor (lentil) red cloth, jaggery, copper, red flower, red sandalwood, saffron, red colored ox, coral, landed property
The Mercury:
            Green cloth, gold, green moong (lentil) emerald, musk.
The Jupiter:
            Yellow grains, yellow cloth, topaz, gold, silver, sugar, honey, salt, saffron, turmeric, a horse
The Venus:
            A white horse, cow with calf, diamond, rice, ghee, camphor, white cloth, sandalwood, sugar, white sugar crystals
The Saturn:
            Black sesame til, black gram, oil, black cow, black cloth, blanket, a pair of shoes, gold, silver, sapphire
The Rahu:
            Wheat, black gram, hessonite, black horse, sword, oil, iron, mica, blue cloth.
The Ketu:
            Cat’s eye, black sesame, blanket musk, knives, iron, umbrella, lead, lamb, black cloth.

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