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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Use these tips to bring happiness in your married life

Use these tips to bring happiness in your married life
A relationship can lose its intensity over the years. Apart from interpersonal communication, money has also come to play an increasingly important part in keeping that intensity alive after the cupid first strikes.
You think that you are on the top of the world, you start paying extra wages or extravagant gestures, you feel great. But the day you settle to something that is distinctly less passionate life than you had thought of, you start getting tired and feeling the work pressure.
Here are some black magic tips to restore the happiness and joy in the married life
Apply kumkum on a marigold flower and offer to any deity early morning
Gift a child his/her favourite thing for some days and see the effect in your relationship
Keep panchtatra under your pillow and see it the first thing in the morning
If the problem worsens then bring 3 Gomti Chakra to your house and fly them in the south direction by saying ‘Halun Baljad’
Else you can also wrap the Gomti Chakra in Sindoor (vermillion) in your house

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