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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Identification of Malefic

Identification of Malefic Sun

1-If any red colored cow or brown buffalo dies or goes missing.
2-The body parts lost the power of motion or getting other parts in motion.
3-Mouth always remains full with saliva.
4-There are regular incidents of fire in your house.
5-Father dies during the childhood.
6-Mind is weak.
7-Unable to perform any work because of cowardness coming the the way.
8-Financial crisis gets created.
9-More money is spent in legal suits etc.

Identification of Malefic Moon

1-Milk producing animal dies in the house.
2-Horse dies.
3-Well gets dried up.
4-Problems from children or marriage.
5-Business gets ruined.
6-The condition of maternal house gets deteriorated.
7-Sense of feeling gets lost.
8-Surrounded by urinary related problems.
9-Unexpected events start taking place.

Identification of Malefic Mars

1-Problem with the eyes or one eye gets damaged.
2-Unable to produce offsprings even after possessing the reproductive power.
3-Child dies as soon as he is born.
4-There is destruction in the family.
5-Sudden death of brother, nephew or son.
6-Any kind of blame gets imposed.
7-Sudden problems arising at maternal's or wife's house.
8-Suddenly poverty comes in.
9-Loss of money.
10-Sudden headache.
11-Gets involved in a legal suit related to theft or robbery and is granted imprisonment.

Identification of Malefic Mercury

1-Smelling sense gets lost.
2-Front teeth gets lost.
3-Mother and other male family members suddenly start facing problems.
4-Eye-sight becomes weak.
5-You get cheated by someone of your own.
6-Problems arise in your marriage.
7-Income gets reduced to half the original.
8-Condition of sister, parent's sister, sister in law or daughter is not been well.
9-Get your limbs fractured after falling from stairs of the house.
10-Suddenly caught by a disease.
11-Taste of the tongue gets spoiled.
12-Obtain loss in the business related to lottery, share market or gambling.
13-Suffer from sorrows inspite of having wealth.
14-Problems arise in the house of in-laws.
15-Problems arise from your own child.

Identification of Malefic Jupiter

1-Gold gets lost or stolen.
2-Studies get stopped.
3-Hair from the top portion of the head is lost.
4-People start spreading rumours about you.
5-You desire to wear a necklace.
6-Not interested in work related to mind usage.

Identification of Malefic Venus

1-The skin of the body starts becoming infectious or some skin diseases surround you.
2-Thumb become numb even without any disease.
3-A relation with another woman gets established.
4-You suffer from tuberculosis or blood comes out of your mouth while coughing.
5-Health of wife gets deteriorated or she suffers from some mental disease.
6-There is a continuous quarrel between mother and daughter in law.
7-Never remain free from debt inspite of having a good income.

Identification of Malefic Saturn

1-Drinking, gambling, speaking lots of lies and falling in love with other woman are signs of diminished Saturn.
2-There is dense hair all over the body.
3-House gets demolished all of a sudden.
4-Milk producing animal dies suddenly.
5-Fire incidents occur in the house every now and then.
6-Shoe gets lost.
7-Suffer from Cough.
8-Suffer from ailments of eyes and ears.
9-Intense desire to eat non-vegetarian things like fish etc.
10-If person opts to become for a saint, 'sadhu' or 'Faqir'.
11-Sorrounded by laziness, poverty and diseases.
12-Ancestoral property gets consumed.
13-Younger brother becomes an enemy.
14-One starts facing difficulties and problems in Service/ business.
15-One gets married before age of 28 year.
16-Buy leather shoes for the children or iron article for his ownself.
17-Someone dies in the field because of the head getting chopped off.
18-Friends of wife and son start creating problems for you.
19-Always remain sick.
20-Masculine power gets lost without any reason.
21-Loss of property and land gets started.
22-Problems in married life.
23-Become addicted.
24-Old age spent in poverty.
25-Sufferings inspite of having wealth.
26-Dense hair in the forhead and legs.
27-Wife is pregnant and you start building your house.
28-Bamboo or the door's stepping wood kept on the terrace.
29-Be bearedless and moustchless.
30-Start earning money through cheating.

Identification of Malefic Rahu

1-Entance of the house is towards the south.
2-All of a sudden elders of the family start dispute amongst themselves.
3-Start getting the roof of your house changed.
4-The health of the child is not good.
5-There is an outlet for dirty water from under your house.
6-Black dog goes missing.
7-Cat starts crying for no reason.
8-Dark skinned relative dies.
9-Suddenly nails starts getting up-rooted.
10-The person starts going against the religion.
11-There is a shower of sorrows on siblings.
12-Expenses increase without any reason.
13-There are quarrels with the wife without any reason.
14-Becomes the patient of abdomen.
15-Starts to pile up bags filled with coal.
16-Wife goes through an abortion.
17-The wealth starts getting destroyed and the cause of it remains unknown.
18-Circumstances shape towards a divorce.
19-If one wanders around like a nomad even after being from a nice family.
20-The floor inside the house after the main entrance door is on a lower ground than outside.
21-A smooth running business comes to a standstill all of a sudden.
22-If one suffers from heart ailments.
23-Headaches start happening all of a sudden.
24-If relations with the high officers turn sour.
25-Money starts getting spent on wrong things.
26-One does not get sleep in the night.
27-Always keep making castles in the air.

Identification of Malefic Ketu

1-Son or grand son suffer from the marasmus.
2-There is a pain the the back spinal cord.
3-All of a sudden one gets troubled by acnes and wounds.
4-One gets urinal related diseases.
5-Pain get started in the joints.
6-There are obstacles in the birth of a child.
7-Wife's health does not remain good.
8-There are problems from father or the stone in the kidney.
9-There are problems from the brothers.
10-Money gets wasted in legal suits.
11-if one suffers from diabetes.
12-Children suffer from breathing related problems.
13-Feel scared from the dogs.
14-The dogs sits on the terrace and cries.
15-If the roof of the house comes down.
16-There is an urgent erotic desire.

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