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Tuesday, 28 June 2011


16. When Mars starts giving bad results in general, ivory or things made of ivory will be useful in the house.
17. Mars in 3rd house starts giving bad results. Keeping ivory or ivory articles in the house would be helpful.
18. When Mars in 4th house starts giving bad results:
(i) Cleaning daily the teeth early morning.
(ii) Remedies of Moon
(iii) Buying an earthen pot filled with honey in the crematorium (when there are no children or the children die after birth).
(iv) To avoid long illnesses or to cure them keep deer skin in the house.
(v) In the southern gate of the house, if any, dig a nail of iron in the ground which should not be visible.
(vi) Keeping ivory on person.
19. Mars in 6th house may affect the brothers of the native adversely. In such a case the brothers should either give a part of their earnings to the native or drop them in the running water.
20. Mars may affect the birth of children etc. The occasion of birth should not be celebrated and sweets should not be distributed. Salty things should be distributed. If there is no escape from distributing sweets, salt to be touched with them.
For better personal and domestic life, remedies of Saturn will be useful.
21. For bad effects of Mars in 7th house do the remedies of Saturn. Best way is to construct a small mud wall during the day and demolish it in the evening.
22. When sister or daughter visit the house, they should not go without sweets.
23. For bad effects of Mars in 12th house.
(i) To save elder brothers from the wrath of Mars, the elder brothers should not use red colour of bring toys representing Mars. To grow choti on the head or wearing khaki cap or turban will be good.
(ii) The elder brothers of the native should keep with them the articles of Moon like silver.
(iii) Eating sweets, offering sweets to others and sweet tongue will be helpful to improve finances and life comforts.
(iv) Offering sweet water (some sugar in a glass of water) to Sun in the morning.
(v) Giving articles of Mars, Mercury and Saturn to the temples or give in charity.

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