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Wednesday, 21 November 2012


PADMAPURANA ( Srishthikhand 57 / 156 - 165 )

Complete Vedas, with all their six parts and components, exist in the Mouth of the Cow. In her horns reside Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu forever. In her stomach lives LorKartikeya, in her head Lord Brahma, in her forehead Lord Mahadev, in the front of the horns Lord Indra, in the eyes the sun and the moon, in the teeth Garuda, in the ears Ashwini Kumara, in the tongue Goddess Saraswati, in her posterior all the pilgrims places, in her urine the river Ganga, in the pores live the sages, in the mouth  resides Yamaraj, still further two Yakshas called Tejaswi  and Mahabali, inside the mouth reside the Gandharvas, inside the nose two snakes, in the hooves dwell the heavenly nymphs.

In the cow dung are placed Goddess Laxmi, in her urine the ever auspicious Goddess Parvati, in the front portion of the feet all the heavenly Gods, in the resonant mooing of the cow lives Prajapati, and in the four teats, in the form of milk the four Oceans. The person who touches the cow after having bath daily, frees himself from all kinds of sins. The dust that arises from the cow’s hooves is so pure that, the person who applies it on his head, is considered to have bathed in the sacred waters of different pilgrim places, and freed from all sins.

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