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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Rahu Kal

Rahu Kalam or Rahu Kal
The Rahu Kalam is very important in Southern Part's of India. It Varies from Place to Place, changing every day it is based on Sunrise ans Sunset at your place.
1/8th part of each day is termed as the Rahu Kalam(The period of the north node). This part of the day is most inauspicious and should be avoided for all important activities. Do not sign any major documents or start a new enterprise in this period. This period will vary with different latitudes by a few minutes. The table below gives the broad time range of this period. This will be applicable to all places.
Days According to Local Time Rahu Kalam Time
Monday 7:30 hrs To 9:00 hrs
Tuesday 15:00 hrs To 16:30 hrs
Wednesday 12:00 hrs To 13:30 hrs
Thursday 13:30 hrs To 15:00 hrs
Friday 10:30 hrs To 12:00 hrs
Saturday 9:00 hrs To 10:30 hrs
Sunday 16:30 hrs To 18:00 hrs

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