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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Trouble and Delay in marriage

Trouble and Delay in marriage :  
On Thursday (For Girls)/ Friday(For Boys) of shukla pakchha the unmarried person should wrap the following 7 items in a 70X70 cm size Yellow cloth piece and keep in temple or any auspisious place at home. Then recite following Mantra MUM MNORAMAM PATNEE(WIFE)/PATI(HUSBAND) DEHEE -108 times and then recite OM GRAM GRIM GRAUM SAHAHA SHRI BRIHUSPATIYE NAMAH-108 times (Grils will recite this mantra This is not for boys) / OM SHUM SHUKRAYE NAMAH-108 times ( For Boys). Donate this Tied prayer material to any temple if this is of Dutta/Guru/Brihaspati Dev or Vishnu ( For Girls) and Shukra or Lakshhami or any Devi Temple (For Boys) then better but not must.
The 7 items are:
1) 7 pieces of yellow turmeric,
2) 7 unbroken pieces of betel nut,
3) 7 coins coloured yellow with turmeric,
4) 7 Janaeu (sacred threads) coloured yellow with turmeric
5) 7 pieces of jaggery(lemon size)
6) 70 gm yellow chana dal (bengal gram)
7) 7 numbers of any yellow flower.

Keeping fasts (not must) for 16 Fridays (for male) or 21 Thursday (for female) continuously also helps. The person should neither eat nor donate sour things during the fasts.

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