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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

animals and astrology

Remedies for different planets:


  • Sun: Feed wheat rotis to Cows and jaggery to monkeys on Sundays.
  • Moon: Feed wheatflour balls to fishes on Mondays. Keep a white cow. Give water to all cows.
  • Mars: Feed gram(chana) and jaggery(gud) to monkeys on Tuesdays.
  • Mercury: Feed green grass or fodder to cows on Wednesday and millet(bajra) to pigeons. If Mercury is malefic give spinach to four legged animals for 27 Wednesdays. Do not keep birds in cages.
  • Jupiter: Feed soaked gram lentils (Chana Daal) and jaggery to yellow cows on Thursday and corn to pigeons. Give gram dal to a horse for 7 Thursdays.
  • Venus: Feed milk to cats or feed fishes on Friday. Give part of your food to a cow every day
  • .
  • Saturn: Feed black dogs buttered or oiled rotis and to black cows on Saturday. 
  • Rahu: Feed buffaloes and free snakes from snake charmers on Wednesdays. Feed leaves to an elephant.
  • Ketu: Keep a pet dog and feed multicoloured dogs regularly. Keep a cow or a rabbit. Feed ants with sesame seeds.

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