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Tuesday, 2 August 2011



Deity: Goddess Laxmi

Vocation: Gold Smith Trader Artist

Metals:Clay Pearl of Curd

Precious Stones:

Body Parts:
Secret Organs

On the face: Cheeks

Animals: Cow,Ox

Colour of Planet: Like Curd

Remedies Recital: Mahalakshamyakam Ashtakam

Remedies Donation: Curd, Diamond

In the Lagna

1. Some portion of food served to cow, dog and the bird.

2. Accepting pure silver from in-laws.

3. Using cow urine.

4. Giving barley and mustard in alms.

5. The wife should wear gold on head.

6. Having firm faith in God.

In the 2nd house

1. Keeping quadrupeds as business.

2. Potatoes, curd and butter in charity.

In the 3rd house

1. Using the articles of Mars.

2. Stop dancing and music in the house.

In the 4th house

1. Marrying his own wife twice.

2. Maintaining good conduct.

In 5th house

1. Maintain good moral character.

2. Serve the cows.

3. No love marriage or marriage against the wishes of parents.

4. Private parts should be washed with milk by the native and his wife.

In the 6th house

1. Due regard to be given to all females.

2. The women folk should never be bare foot on the ground, not even in kitchen or bath room.

In the 7th house

1. White cow should not be fed or served.

2. Bronze vessels should be taken as gifts in dowry.

In the 8th house

1. The native should not accept Donation (giving free things as charity or in the name of God etc).

2. Bowing head in the temples and places of worship.

3. Copper coin or some flower to be thrown in the gutter/dirty nalla.

In the 9th house

1. In the foundation of the house silver and honey should be buried.

2. Silver bangles to be worn after having some red colors on them.

3. Bury a silver piece under a Neem tree.

In the 10th house

1. Western wall of the house should be of mud (Kachhi).

2. No wine or non-vegetarianism and no fishing also.

In the 11th house

1. Remedies of Mercury will be useful.

2. Oil to be given on Saturdays.

In the 12 house

1. Giving cow in charity.

2. Blue flowers to be buried by the wife.

3. Any charity by wife.

4. Pure ghee lamp.

General Remedies

1. Fast on Friday.

2. Desi ghee, curd, camphor etc. to be given to places of worship.

3. Wear diamond or the pearl.

4. Perfuming the clothes and using cream & face powder etc.

5. Clothes should be clean and ironed.

6. Worn out clothes or burnt clothes should never be worn.

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