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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Upaaya For Shani Dev,

Upaaya For Shani Dev,
--wear a ring or bangle made of iron or steel, especially made from a horseshoe or horseshoe nail that has been collected at an auspicious time for the purpose you want to achieve;

--feed or serve a wholly black animal, especially a cow, 

--worship a Shamee tree

--give alms to the indigents (poor) on Saturdays

--keep fast on Saturdays with one meal only, if you eat, then eat black Urad Daal (split) - note that Saturday vows are useful for Raahu and Ketu also who do not have their days in the week; they are closely related to Saturn because they are shadow planets and Saturn's mother was Chhaayaa (shadow).

-give your old clothes to a homeless person on a Saturday or 

--give a laborer an iron implement that is useful for his trade on a Saturday

--feed crows on Saturday for several Saturdays in a row

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