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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

SaturnRahuKetu Remedy

1.On Saturday...Take One black cloth, put One cocunet (jatawala) + 100 gm barley +100 gm Black Uard + black seasam seeds + 1 Nail
Flow the above all in flowing water in canal .
This will help in reducing problems from Saturn ,Rahu, Ketu and problems f 
2.Take a cocunet(jatawala) and red cloth. Rotate clockwise seven times on your head and offer the same to Lord Hanuman on Tuesday. This will help in warding off your fever ,obstructions due to Najar dosh
3. On saturday, take one dry coconut, cut from the top, fill in raw sugar (khand bura) alongwith some dryfruits shut it .  Make a one feet pit under beetel tree(peepal), place the dry coconut in the pit and fill it with earthen dust. Pray to god to remove your problems.
While coming back do not look back, even if someone calls you.
..friday go to Laxmi temple with 1.25 meter white and Pink cloth+ One jatawala coconut + 1.25 kg rice + curd + white sweets. Offer the above all the things to goddess Laxmi and pray to Laxmi goddess ( veenues planet) for helping you in getting Money.
Then lit a small lamp with white ghee and caffor .
.... Take two coconuts, wrap one coconut in red cloth and offer to Durga Mata( planet mercury), offer green or red flowers + sweets to Goddess Durga. lit small caffoor in front of goddess Durga, break second coconut in front of goddess and offer the same with Chanting Mantra :::::"Huumm  Faatt"

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